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How to Style A Corset For Your Wedding & Honeymoon.

How to Style A Corset For Your Wedding & Honeymoon.

Even if you are not currently waist training; corsets can add a beautiful touch to your bridal ensemble. From ceremony to honeymoon, learn how corsets can keep a bride feeling beautiful on her wedding day. 

While most people don’t consider corsets for everyday attire, there are a few occasions where lacing in is not just encouraged, but seems to be expected. The biggest and most important of these is without a doubt one that will change your life forever: your wedding day. Your dress can be made so much more personal and can express who you are with the addition of a corset that speaks to your personality. 


Brides look beautiful in corset dresses.


Even if you’re not someone who would consider themselves to be part of a Rebel subculture, a corset can still be a glamorous and beautiful choice on your big day. A plain corset can be worn under your unique wedding dress to accentuate your shape if you would rather wear it as a foundation piece (be sure to bring your corset with you to your fittings, so your seamstress can properly fit your dress!).

A corset, however, can be a beautiful work of art, and there are many beautifully embellished examples that will only make your look more enchanting. Choose one with a base color that matches your dress and in a style you like. Overbust corsets can look very princess-like while an underbust cincher may be a better option for dresses with more embellishment along the top edges. If your dress is very intricate, with layers of lace, beading, or frills, a simpler piece will let the gown shine while still giving you a gorgeous shape. If your dress is simpler, adding a corset that has more embellishment may just take your look to enchanting new heights.


Wedding gowns with corset lacing.


Or maybe you’re a rebel at heart, and you always knew your wedding dress wasn’t going to be like anyone elses. You’re a fan of the unusual, the unexpected, and the strange. Nothing will hold your look back, and a corset dress is just what you need to finalize your look. 


Corset back wedding dress

The options here are endless, and depend only on how you want to look. Victorian glamour, spooky couture, and extreme beauty are all on the board. Whether you’re looking for an extra, unexpected pop of color, an eye-catching pattern, or a more unusual stylistic choice, corsets can help. Try one with a color that complements your wedding’s colors, or that matches your favorite flower in your bouquet. (Shoes of the same color will help tie it all together)

Or you can really go all-out and opt for a full dress in a color that’s really out there, but drop-dead gorgeous. And by no means is the bride the only one who can get extreme- waist cinchers for men are totally a thing, and they’re totally hot.


Gothic wedding dress with corset laced back.


And Later...


I think we can all agree that the best part of a wedding comes after all the partiers have gone home- the honeymoon! Corsets can be fun here, but can also offer some difficulty- so it’s best to set off prepared! 


Beautiful bridal corsets
Photo courtesy of Elle Marie

If your corset is a steel boned option, make sure to practice lacing it yourself before you go. You don’t want your new life partner to lace you in, only for you to take it right back off again, right? Besides, making him wait while you put it on in another room, then the visual impact when you reemerge is worth everything. 

There are also many types of fashion corsets- pieces with plastic boning that can be much easier to get in and out of. These also tend to be less expensive, so you can get one for each night of your honeymoon! You may also want to keep in mind that it might be more advantageous to invest in an underbust style for this, just for ahem- easier access to all the important bits. Plus, you can leave it on! 


Corsets from wedding ceremony to honeymoon vacation.

Accessories are important here- nothing rounds out a beautiful cincher as lingerie like some thigh-high stockings with a garter, or some sexy panties

Really have fun with it- after all, isn’t that what the honeymoon is for?

Would you wear a corset or a corset style dress for your wedding day? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


Corsets are a sexy choice for honeymoon vacations. 
Photo courtesy of Bonsai Tree

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