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Countdown To Firefly Music Festival 2016

Teri Bildstein Published On: 25-05-2016
Countdown To Firefly Music Festival 2016

If you have never attended Firefly Music Festival, you are missing out! We had such a great time at last year's show, we are headed back for more fun this year. We have tips for everyone planning on attending Firefly (or other festivals through the summer).


1 - Get Your Tickets

This may seem like a no-brainer but tickets to Firefly do sell out. Last year had over 90 thousand attendees and with the return of day passes, it will be even harder to see your favorite performers if you procrastinate.


2016 Firefly Music Festival Lineup


2 - Make Plans For Travel and Lodging

Again, pretty self explanatory. Things get tricky when you realize most of the hotels in a one hour radius are already sold out. Unless you are traveling for a single day, you will need to make arrangements for a place to sleep. 

Thankfully, Firefly does offer camping options, but those also sell out quickly. If you are going the RV route, you will want to rent one now so that you know your exact setup. If you are camping in a tent, you will want to make sure you have all of the equipment necessary for your full stay.

In the good news department, the festival is located at The Woodlands in Dover, DE which is conveniently located next to a mall. So if you forget something, there are stores nearby to help you out. 


3 - You Need To Eat

There are a ton of food options at Firefly. They have easy choices like Grotto Pizza (So Delicious!) and options for specific dietary choices, like vegan selections from Doom Street Eats

But if you are camping, you may decide to fix a few meals at your homebase. Check out some great camping recipes and make sure you have everything you need to whip up a tasty meal. Invite your neighbors and make new friends!


Breakfast Burritos are an easy breakfast when camping.
Image and recipe for breakfast burritos can be found at Taste and Tell


4 - Plan Your Must Sees

With so many musicians and other events happening at Firefly, it is important to decide ahead of time if there is something you simply MUST SEE to feel your experience will be complete. The festival covers a lot of area, so you don't want to find yourself short on time and long on distance when your favorite musician takes the stage! Firefly does have an app available to help you plan your days.

5 - Prepare To Experience The Unknowns

One of the awesome things about Firefly is the range of music styles the show brings together. Perhaps you KNOW you must see Kings of Leon because they are your absolute FAVORITES and you have never even considered attending an EDM show.

Well this is your chance to do both!! Think outside of the box and experience new music styles (and the people who enjoy them) by checking out some of the performers you are not familiar with. 


Meet a variety of people and experience different music styles at Firefly Music Festival


6 - Listen To The Music and Start Getting Pumped!

While you are probably listening to your favorite bands from Firefly, don't forget to check out some of the artists you are not familiar with. One Reddit user created a Playlist using concert sets for this year's performers. You can find it here

If you are driving, make a great road trip playlist to get you pumped on the drive!


7 - Pack Stylish and Smart

Festival fashion now helps set style trends for the entire summer (and often beyond). People put a lot of thought into their outfits for summer festivals. While there are basic items you need for every festival, you will want to consider a few specific points for Firefly. 

-Delaware weather can be very unpredictable in early June. Deciding what to wear when the weather is not certain can be tricky. You will want to make sure you have plenty of light layers to adjust to changing temperatures and to be certain you have something clean to wear if your outfit gets soaked in a rainburst.

-Footwear is important! If you plan on catching a ton of acts, you are going to be doing some serious power-walking. You may also decide to get right in front of the stage for a show and that can endanger your toes if you are only wearing a cute pair of strappy sandals. Comfortable sneakers or combat boots are a much better option. You can still be super cute pairing those sturdy boots with a pretty dress. And remember, if it rains, there will be mud!

-Keep your valuables with you. While this is true of any event, camping for days often means you will have more "stuff" with you. Think before you pack - "Will I want to carry this around for hours?" Make sure you have a roomy messenger bag or a comfortable backpack for lugging your valuables (and layers) through the Woodlands.

-Show your personality. Looking at photos from most festivals, it is easy to believe Boho fashion is the only acceptable style. This is not true! Firefly is a parade of various fashion trends. You are going to meet a lot of new people; don't hide who you are by wearing a perceived uniform in an attempt to fit in! Feel free to embrace your own style.


Embrace your own style when deciding what to wear for Firefly and other festivals!


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Have you ever been to Firefly? What tips would you add? Share your feedback in the comment section below!

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