Creating A Gothic Haven In Your Bedroom

Creating A Gothic Haven In Your Bedroom

Are you looking to add a touch of Gothic flair to your bedroom? Whether you’re a fan of the genre or simply want to create a unique and mysterious atmosphere, creating a Gothic haven in your bedroom is a great way to express your style. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for turning your bedroom into a Gothic paradise. From bold colors to striking furniture, we’ll provide all the inspiration you need to transform your space. Let’s get started!

Whether you’re already rocking a wardrobe filled with goth fashion or simply love the romantic atmosphere that a gothic inspired room can create, it can be challenging to pull off just the right mix of dark and light to create your gothic haven. Luckily, it isn’t quite as daunting of a task as you may think it will be, and it can be made to be affordable on just about any budget you can think of.

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When you’re first creating your gothic haven, keep your color tones in mind. While black is an essential color, you will want to accentuate it with other rich tones such as burgundy, dark blues, crimsons, or royal purples. Remember, just because its gothic doesn’t mean that it’s completely devoid of color.

Things To Remember When Adding Goth Décor

-Don’t be afraid of color, even lighter colors play nicely with gothic décor.

-Keep it clean, a messy but habitable room isn’t going to work well with this style.

-Decide if you want a classic gothic or a more modern goth look.

-Play with texture.

1. Choosing Paint For Your Bedroom

The first step is painting your room to create an overall cohesive gothic look.

Remember, the darker the colors, the smaller your room may appear. If you must have darker walls, ensure that you have at least one lighter accent wall to broaden the space. A monochromatic look, such as different shades of gray or burgundy, can create a cohesive backdrop.

Ideas for adding color to your room:

- Take this time to whip out any murals you may want to paint if you have a creative streak.

- Use wall decals to add some flavor.

- Change out any decorative lighting fixtures that may not work well with your desired Gothic theme.

-  Pick Goth inspired furniture pieces. They should be within the same color family.

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2. Ornaments or Decorations.

The next step is to gather your ornaments or decorations.

Some things that you may want to consider decorating with are:

- Candles: you can choose candle holders to hang on the wall or pick candles that can be placed on your furniture. But, they tend to add a wonderful inviting look to the space. Choose candles that are black, silver, red, or even cream colored to add a romantic look to the room.

Light Locations

- Plants: while you can use live flowers for this, it may be better to choose a good quality silk flower such as a rose, lilies, or orchids to add to the overall romantic nature of the room with minimal effort.

- Cushions and pillows: Decorative pillows or pillow covers are a great way to add a little romance. Pick textures such as embroidered pillows, silk, or even velvet to add to the feel of the room.

- Area Rugs: Choose a unique rug to sit beneath the bed or at the foot of your bed.

- Blankets: Rich colored bedding or unique tapestries with luxurious textures such as satin, silk, or velvets.



3. Artwork

The next step in creating your gothic haven is to tie it all together with a little bit of your own personality through artwork.

Pick original paintings with dark themes or framed prints with a macabre tone. Even decorative masks and mosaics will help tie in the room. Remember, you should keep your color pallet in mind when you’re choosing the right artwork. If you wanted to work backward, however, and have found a dark, romantic painting that you absolutely must have in the room, work off of the color tones that are found within the artwork.

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4. Set The Mood

Lastly, make sure you feel at home in your new room. This is paramount to you wanting to use it as your retreat at the end of a long day.

Turn on some music and let the creative juices flow while you pamper yourself with a new and romantic environment.

Does your home have gothic decor? Share your tips in the comments below!


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