Creepy Halloween Accessories You Can Wear All Year Round

Creepy Halloween Accessories You Can Wear All Year Round

As the saying should go, someone's costume is someone else's everyday outfit. Al Jourgensen of Ministry told us long ago that Halloween is everday, you know.

For those of us darkly inclined, our favorite holiday is the best time of year to grab some dark and edgy clothing to wear long after the October passes. But, alternatively, Halloween also be a great excuse to stock up on spooky accessories - there's definitely more to choose from on the days leading up to October 31st.

Whether you're into skulls and spikes, Victorian accents or gothic ones, here are some creepy accessories you can wear all year round! 

Punk-influenced Accessories

Punk and gothic fashion & accessories

You don't have to be a punk in order to stack on bracelets and chains - Madonna did it afterall (and so many after her followed). The trend as of late has been harnesses and chokers made of leather, chains or even softer material such as silk.

O-rings and linked bracelets, belts and necklaces are also on trend in terms of more bondage-themed looks, which also can be found in early punk looks from the Sex Pistols era. Halloween is a great time to get spiked and studded: don't be afraid of layering or looking tough as nails.

Skull and Skeleton Everything

Chic skull bag for Halloween


It's no secret that skulls are a fashion favorite among us - they adorn everything from shirts to bags to jewelry. Though it might creep some people out, skulls are one of the most popular and iconic symbols in our culture today.

A skull printed scarf is a good accessory to have for the coming cold weather, while hair clips can be a cute way to add a spooky element to an outfit. Stack up chunky skull rings on all your fingers for a truly wicked look.

Festive Stockings and Socks

Festive socks and stockings are a great accessory for Halloween


Stockings hold a duality: they can keep us warm but it's also an easy way to spice up an outfit. For mild weather, fishnet tights are a good option (you can cut holes in them, slice them up and layer) and there's also spiderweb tights that create a creepy look on your legs. If you need more coverage, there's solid colors (bright greens and purples are big around Halloween) but also tie dye tights if you just can't decide what color to wear.

Knee-high socks are an easy and cheap way to add flair to an ensemble - they can come in fishnet as well but you can also find Halloween themed socks with spiders, ghosts and bats adorning them. Pair with rolled up jeans and Doc Martins for an on-trend, unique look. 

Bookbags and Purses

Spooky book bags and purses are a great Halloween themed accessory


A purse is a utility item, so why not make it cute while you're at it? A few stand-out styles are clear hologram purses, fuzzy bags with faux fur, and PVC wet-look purses that have an edge to them.

And if you really are Halloween-at-heart, go for a gothic style bag in an unusual shape; such as a skull or coffin shaped book bag that's perfect for school! Silkscreened tote bags with printed bats and skeletons are also a way to carry around your items in style. 

Victorian Elements

Victorian style clothing is perfect fashion for Halloween and beyond


If you collect several Victorian-inspired elements together, you can whip together a costume for your Halloween party.

But what about after? Well, if you don't adorn them all at the same time (but, if you feel like you want to, please do!) you can wear them separately for a cute addition to your outfit. That Steampunk corset will go nicely overtop a band tshirt at a concert or alternative party while a gothic headpiece can be a fun way to enhance an everyday look. Don't be afraid to layer those chokers and elaborate necklaces with chains and harnesses either! 

Stock up on Unusual Items - Cause You Never Know When You'll Need 'em

Gothic eyelashes for Halloween


There's no better time to collect some random items that you might be able to use in the future that, in the meantime, can accent your Halloween costumes and parties. One shining example; wigs and hairpieces - because who knows when you'll want to sneak around town undercover? There are also false eyelashes that come in all sorts of natural and unnatural styles which can add sophistication and fun to your Halloween makeup.

Finally, glowstick jewelry is the best way to get attention at raves, parties, and concerts. Buy in bulk to use all year round and to share with friends! 

What are some of your favorite Halloween accessories? Comment below!