Cute And Easy Youtube Makeup tutorials For Costume Parties

Cute And Easy Youtube Makeup tutorials For Costume Parties

Are you looking for easy makeup tutorials to help you create an unforgettable look for your next costume party? With the rise of YouTube, it's now easier than ever to find cute and easy tutorials for a variety of looks. From classic Halloween looks like witches and vampires to more creative costumes, these tutorials will help you create a show-stopping look. We’ve rounded up the best Youtube tutorials to help you get started!

Halloween is fast-approaching! That means theme parties, haunted hay rides, costume contests, and trick or treating!

If you've got Halloween parties coming up, or you simply want to make the most of this spooky time of year and rock some edgier, halloween-inspired makeup looks - all you need is some inspiration, and a steady hand.

These Halloween themed makeup ideas are a great place to start! Try your hand at ome of these tutorials, and you will be the most beautiful ghoul of the party! Check out these videos from our favorite makeup artist YouTubers below:

Candy Corn Cut-Crease

This eye makeup look is adorable and would be perfect for an office or school party - something a bit more low key than an all-out Halloween bash. Bring candy corn to share with your friends and you've got a perfect ensemble. Not only does Atleeey make our favorite Halloween staple a fun look, it's sultry and sexy as well! 

Demon Moon Elf Halloween Makeup

Feeling a little devilish? This look by MUA MissNosebleed is spooky but sexy at the same time! This simple tutorial shows you how to make a print on your face by using lace - something you're bound to have in your closet. Add a bit (or a lot) of highlighter on your face for an uber-glam occult elf costume.

Spiderweb Eye Makeup

This super wearable look is perfect for a toned-down (depending on your definition of the word) effect to use at a work or school setting. With witchy colors and spiderwebs, this eye tutorial by Raw Beauty Kristi is an easy way to celebrate Halloween. Pour on the glitter and add some highlighter and you're ready to go!

Smokey Skull Full Face Makeup

We are in love with this cute skull look - it's so easy to do (you only need 2 eyeshadows and some eyeliner!). This tutorial by Bronte Jones is still quite wearable for day wear and could be adorable with bone and skull jewelry.  

Easy Salem Witch Makeup for Halloween

To honor Salem's witches, this look gives a new spin on the traditional witch. The makeup artist Ash Clements adds a noose around her neck, which is a bit more advanced than some of us - but you can leave that step out or replace it with some real rope! It's a spooky yet cute look that will be the most interesting at the party!

Pastel Goth Makeup Tutorial

Even though this look requires a wig (or some hair dye), it's an easy and fun transformation. Black Friday, who is rarely seen wearing color, provides a great tutorial of a traditional pastel goth look. Not only is it flirty, but it's a genius way to attend a party without a "costume". 

Comic Book Makeup

This Lichtenstein piece of art and comic book femme look is a quick and fun makeup idea for your Halloween themed party! We love how Madeyewlook adds rhinestones at the end for a touch of glamour. The best part about this Halloween makeup is that once your face is done, you can wear any clothing you choose (no costume required) - it's just that easy.  

1960s Twiggy Makeup Look

Got some sixties vintage clothes sitting in your closet? Well, time to get them out for this 1960s Twiggy look! Our favorite lean mod model has the perfect makeup to copy and Atleeey provides a great tutorial. All products needed for this look are already in your makeup bag!

Ladylike Marilyn Manson Makeup

What is a Halloween party without some Manson? This look, done by It's Likely Makeup, is so cute and a little creepy - a new version of Manson's iconic blue eyeshadowed face. It's super fast and will always spark conversation! 

Which is your Halloween makeup tutorial? Comment below!

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