Dark Fashion Trends: Are they Ruining the subculture?

Dark Fashion Trends: Are they Ruining the subculture?

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Taylor Momsen have embraced dark fashion trends and so is most of pop culture. Fashion houses nowadays are jumping in to the dark glamour bandwagon. Famous Hollywood celebrities have gone Goth and are giving in to the fad of wearing glitters and lace pieces paired with smoky eyes and dark mulberry lips. Runways are now filled with vamp models strutting the latest collection of some famous designers in black dresses accentuated with Gothic accessories.


Alexander McQueen Dark Fashion


Some are saying that the gothic subculture is becoming too mainstream because most people are starting to embrace the diversity. How come? The rise of dark gothic inspired pieces can be attributed to the sudden rise to fame of modern vampire films and series with a twist of suspense/thriller plot examples of Vampire Diaries, Twilight Series and Beautiful Creatures.


Clockwise: Beautiful creatures, Vampire Diaries, Twilight Saga


On social networking sites like Instagram and Tumblr, the younger generations have been uploading selfies with a vintage gothic touch. Most images are shot in the woods, forest, old churches, or old mansions; giving off a goth vibe. To perfectly complement the scenery, they wear certain clothes in black to complement the greens that surround them.

This sudden change in preferences of the younger generation gave an idea to famous designers and fashion conscious socialites and celebrities to launch collections and pieces dedicated to the dark glamour. Even the older generations have learned to appreciate it, because it’s more toned down and therefore parents approve. On the brighter side of the dark trend, more and more people are starting to become open minded and understand the deeper meaning of subculture where black is more than just a color. It is used to signify sadness and death for some, but since most clothes were now in black, it has changed into a classy and elegant color.



Try to understand that trends do change. Nothing is permanent in this world. Trends and fashion do come and go but when a whole culture in born, it lasts countless years. Gone is the view of Goth as only being Satanic and scary. Gothic fusions into our different subcultures are in with a dark echoing bang! No longer can these dark fashion trends be viewed as ruining mainstream fashion. These fashion trends add an interesting and unique flair, personality and edge to a look. Anybody would be lucky to own these one of a kind items.


What’s your opinion with these gothic trends sudden resurfacing and turning into mainstream fashion? Leave your feedback in the comments below!


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