Decorate For A Halloween Party

Decorate For A Halloween Party

Are you looking for tips on how to decorate your home for a spooky and fun Halloween party? Setting the right ambiance for a Halloween party is essential for having a successful and memorable event. Whether you are hosting a small gathering of friends or a large gathering of family and friends, you can make your home look festive and ready for your guests with a few simple decorations. Read on to find out how to decorate for a Halloween party.

It's my favorite season, guys... Halloween. It might be known as fall to most, but everything in my book changes once October hits. I start decorating a solid month before the holiday, but sometimes it's tricky to find new ideas- especially when it comes to a Halloween party. It's always a struggle to come up with new ideas without spending a fortune, so that's why I'm here to help!

If you want to impress your guests, you can follow some unique (and simple) DIY projects for Halloween instead of using all store-bought decorations. Keep reading for some incredible decor inspiration that won't break the bank for your upcoming Halloween bash!

Plus, if you're serious about the Halloween Decor this year, we have some easy solutions to creep up your crypt without breaking the bank!

Haunted House Sign 

Unique Halloween Decor Ideas
DIY Network

First impressions are important! Set up the scary ambiance before your guests even enter your house by putting a "haunted manor" themed sign at the end of your driveway. Not only is it a great decoration, but the sign is also practical to help guests know which is your house. Customize your sign by adding your last name and an "Enter if you dare" message. This is a project that you can get creative with! 

Outdoor Halloween Lighting

Outdoor skull lamp RebelsMarket

Halloween decor can also be practical as well as spookily stylish! This creepy skeleton lamp is a great accessory to light up your porch or to illuminate your outdoor Halloween party - or to leave on to let the trick-or-treaters that you're home. Plus it's solar-powered, meaning it can be placed anywhere you like. Treat your friends dressed in skeleton costumes to this one-of-a-kind spook!

Outdoor Fall Wonderland

Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas
Country Living

So you've already lured your guests in with your creative "welcome" sign near the driveway, now it's time to wow them. Granted, this part takes a lot of time and effort, but the payoff of cool pictures you can post to Instagram is worth it. Create a spooky fall wonderland scene with over- the- top amounts of carved Jack- O- Lanterns, warm-colored flowers, leaves, and tons of garland draped over your doorway. You can also use the same decor around your serving table if you choose to have your party outdoors. The best part of this decor is that you can leave it out for a few weeks so that you can enjoy it for more time than just your party.

Low-cost Halloween Cushion Covers

Get them here!

If you don't want to splash out entirely, then Halloween-style cushion covers are a great (and cheap) way to decorate your home come Halloween. Simply change out the covers once Halloween is over and pop them into storage, ready for next year. 

Witch's Broom Placecard Holders

Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Uhm, just when you thought you couldn't find cuter decorations, you're wrong. These witch's inspired broom place card holders are so adorable and easy to make. All you'll need are some twigs, a brown paper bag, hot glue, and some raffia or hay. Put each guest's name on a place card holder and set them up on a table as they walk in. This way, your guests can choose their seating as they wish, and it feels less formal. Dress up the tables with gothic candles, bare branches in vases, and fake crow props. This type of decor will be cohesive with your outdoor fall wonderland theme.

Gruesome Glassware

RebelsMarket Gothic glassware for Halloween

Gorgeously gothic glassware is a must-have for any Halloween party. It's practical, but it's also decorative. Setting out drinks in Halloween-style glasses looks authentic and gives off way more of a spookily sophisticated vibe than red plastic party cups. Plus, if you invest in some, you can use them throughout the year! Stock up on party glassware here.

Bat Napkin Holders

Cute and simple Halloween decor ideas.
Thirty Handmade Days

Would it be weird to have this decor in my house all year round? I can't get enough of these bat napkins. BRB, I'm going to make these now.

Skulls, Skulls, and More Skulls!

It's no secret that Skull Decor looks incredible all year round, but it becomes trendy at Halloween. Some skull ornaments or skull candles can transform your home at Halloween and keep your pad looking stylish year-round. What's more - these skull decorations won’t break the bank!

Flying Bats

DIY Creepy and Chic Halloween Decor

Country Living

Well, country Living just gets me. These flying paper bats are another super easy Halloween DIY project that you can do in an instant. All you have to do is cut out a bat template on colored construction paper, fold up the wings to make the bats look like they're flying, and stick them on the wall with double-sided tape.  

Trick-or-Treat Mantel

Creative DIY Halloween decor ideas
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Trick out your mantel by adding cutout paper witch hats to portraits or family photos, fake flames above a candelabra, and bat tinsel across the fireplace. Switch out colorful flowers for black spray-painted branches, dark paper flowers, and monochromatic pumpkins. These small details will add a lot of character and class to your party theme.

Scary Mirror 

DIY Spooky Halloween Decor
Country Living

I'm about to do this to all of the mirrors in my house just to freak everyone out (just kidding, mom). This project is pretty simple, even though it looks like it would take a long time. All you need is a frame with glass, reflective paint, and these images from Country Living.

Creepy Family Photos 

Scary DIY Halloween decor
Country Living

Take family portraits to a new level with these old-timey photos! All you have to do is look up vintage aesthetic portraits, print out the ones you want, and put glow-in-the-dark glue over the eyes. Roll the photos into empty jars and wrap them with netting to add some scary details anywhere in your house. When it gets dark, the glue will make the eyes glow, which will cause this decoration to be ten times creepier.

Floating Witches Hats 

Amazing DIY Halloween decor for your Halloween party
Polka Dot Chair

All you need for this craft are some witches’ hats and fishing lines (and glow sticks/ electric tealights if you want them to light up). Suspend these hats from a porch or ceiling to make them look like they're floating in mid-air!

Flying Ghosts 

Easy DIY decorations for your Halloween party

Get the step-by-step guide to making these easy ghosts right here! These guys look great hanging from trees, light posts, and ceilings. Plus, the materials are inexpensive- all you need are white balloons, string, and cheesecloth. This is an enjoyable and simple project for kids, making it a great family activity. We also have exciting ghost costumes for the family to match the decoration.

Bloody Footprints

Spooky Halloween Party Decor - DIY Ideas
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One ingredient DIYs? Yes, please. All you need for this is washable red paint and yourself. Paint the bottoms of your feet and walk toward the entrance of your house. Don't forget to leave a towel at your destination for easy cleanup, and so you don't track paint everywhere once you get inside! The washable paint is great for porch or deck surfaces, but you can also use it on grass or your driveway.

Which of these decorations will you try for your Halloween party? Do you have any of your own Halloween DIY ideas? Let us know in the comments below and post any photos of your Halloween decor!

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