Diary Of Dreams In Sofia – “Beauty Of Ugliness”

Diary Of Dreams In Sofia – “Beauty Of Ugliness”

I have already written about my idols in the Schattenwelt Festival article, but when it comes to my favorite band, I can never write too much. Words just cannot describe my admiration for their work!

One of the rare, true representatives of modern gothic music, and probably the only true representatives of dark wave; Diary of Dreams are the living legends of the scene.

Frontman Hates at Diary of dreams gig in Bulgaria, courtesy of RebelsMarket

The Story

What is it about Diary that makes them special? If you are willing to explore the deepest darkest parts of your soul then listen to their profound lyrics; they are not for the weak. The front man Adrian Hates himself won’t reveal what his songs are about. Instead, he said each listener should give their own interpretation. He claims that he is melancholic, but never depressive.

The bands lyrics and artwork are influenced by German expressionism, or “Beauty of Ugliness”. They have 14 albums behind them, and the new one is on its way this year (we have this on good authority - from the frontman himself).

Adrian started out as a guitarist for Garden of Delight back in the late ‘80s, but released the first Diary of Dreams album Cholymelan in 1994. Since then, the band has built a loyal fan base for more than two decades.

Hates also has an electronic project .com/kill, and owns the record label Accession Records. Among their releases are such acts as 'Assemblage 23' (USA), 'Faderhead' and, of course, 'Diorama' (GER). If you haven’t listened to any of these acts yet, I highly recommend it!

Adrian rarely uses the whole band except for when performing on tour - he writes and produces all of the songs himself. However, on stage is where his songs really come to life. To hear them with all five members of the band really adds a new dimension to the well-known hits.

Diary of Dreams in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Concert

The performance in Bulgaria was amazing, even better than the one in Vienna, in my humble opinion. Perhaps because the band played mostly old hits, they probably felt like they owed it to the audience - since they hadn’t been in Bulgaria for nearly 10 years.

This time the band started the show with 'Malum' from the Elegies in Darkness album. They went on with old-school gloomy classic, and probably one of their most depressive songs – 'Chemicals'. Next was a club hit and their first ever music video – 'The Wedding'.

The 4th song was my personal favorite 'Sinferno' from the last album Grau im Licht . Song number 5 was the biggest surprise of the night, and one of my favorites as well – 'O’Brother Sleep'. Next was the melancholic 'King of Nowhere', also one of the songs released as a single, with a music video. Number 7 was a club classic 'Soul Stripper', and number 8 'Giftraum', from the 2004 album Nigredo.

Next up was 'False Affection, False Creation' – the band's first ever song, followed by 'She and Her Darkness', a firm favorite among fans; so beautiful and touching it brought me to tears. Song number 11 was 'Grau im Licht' from the newest album, then came 'Butterfly:Dance', a well-known club hit (see video).

Next was 'Lebenslang' from the 2011 album Ego:X, and after that, the single that probably made me fall in love with the band – 'The Plague'. Number 15 was 'Endless Nights', also from Grau im Licht, followed by 'Undividable', a beautiful love song from Ego:X.

Adrian Hates sings to the crowd at Diary of Dreams concert in Sofia

The concert ended with my favorite song ever, and probably the band’s greatest hit – 'The Curse'.

To our disappointment, there was only one encore, including 'AMOK', also one of the greatest hits, and ending with 'Kindrom', a club classic.

The charismatic singer had minimal contact with the audience, but stayed with fans for a meet and greet after 19 songs played without a break. They say you should never meet your idol, but I’m always happy to meet Adrian as he is a great man and artist, extremely professional and polite.

Until the next time, enjoy a few videos and shots from the concert, and don’t forget to get the new album when it comes out!

Have you listened to DoD before? Who are your gothic idols?

Frontman Adrian Hates puts on a show for the fans at Diary of Dreams concert in Sofia, Bulgaria

RebelsMarket blogger and journalist Nancy with DoD drummer Dejan

With drummer Dejan