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Do You Want To Be (Almost) Famous?

Teri Bildstein Published On: 23-03-2015
Do You Want To Be (Almost) Famous?

You’ve been talking. We’ve been listening. Now…. change is coming.

At RebelsMarket, we are proud to have so many fans who are willing to share their opinions with us.   Your feedback is extremely important to helping us build a community that supports your interests online and in the real world.

In the coming months, you are going to notice a lot of changes around RebelsMarket.  We’ll still be providing the posts you love and we will be adding more information about people and events that interest you.   Our blog is taking a completely new direction and we hope you will check in often to see what is up for discussion.   

Those "random" questions we ask on Social Media- 

Not so random.   Give us your opinion and you could be featured in an upcoming interview from RebelsMarket. (Keep an eye on your "other" folder on Facebook since that is where a lot of our messages turn up)


Do you live for the thrill of a good competition?   Do you long to win free goodies from RebelsMarket?
Your chance is coming!   We will be introducing a number of challenges in the coming months that will allow you to win awesome prizes from RebelsMarket.

Most importantly, we want to see more of you (we mean that literally) on social media.   

Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and Pinterest.  If you are wearing RebelsMarket gear, you read or see something you want to share with us, or you just want to say “Hello”; tag us and include #RebelsMarket and #RebelsCult. We may share your input with the rest of our community.   While we can’t promise we will share every new band you discover; we are interested in sharing your thoughts and style with a larger public.

We hope you are as excited about these developments as we are and hope you share your ideas with us as we go about making these changes to our content.

Of course, no two rebels are the same.   We realize some will have interests that may not appeal to everyone and that’s fine. We are confident that our community will continue to develop ideas and respectful interactions amongst each other.