Everyday Horror: 7 Tips To Enjoy Halloween As An Adult

Everyday Horror: 7 Tips To Enjoy Halloween As An Adult

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore. As an adult, you can still enjoy the spooky season with these 7 tips for a fun and memorable Halloween. From decorating to costume planning, these tips will help you create the perfect Halloween experience for yourself, your family, and your friends. So, let's dive in and get ready for some everyday horror!

Remember how much fun it was to go Trick-R-Treating as a kid? Teaming up with your best friends, determining the best approach to the neighborhood, and hoping the weather wouldn't be too cold (so you didn't have to cover your awesome costume with a heavy coat). Then, as you grew a little older, Halloween became an excuse for scary movies and to spend a day dressing up and feeling like a kid again. For some, it became a badge of honor to carry on the love of Halloween, despite reaching adulthood.

Halloween for adults
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Sadly, for others, childhood is the end of Halloween festivities. (At least until they have their little Trick-R-Treaters.) Even if they love the holiday, feeling self-conscious around other adults or dress codes, step in and steal the ability to face their routines while celebrating Halloween.

If you are one of the grown-ups missing your time of dress-up, we are here for you. We have tips to help keep the Halloween spirit alive even after acquiring a 9-5. Those like us who never gave up on the one day we are allowed to be whoever we want; these tips can help you extend the holiday with little previews throughout the month!

Hey - Why limit yourself? Spread the Halloween spirit through the year!!

1 - Plan a Gothic Dinner Party

Not everyone has time to plan a full-on Halloween bash but an intimate dinner party for friends can be assembled with relative ease. Enact a dress code requiring the rest of your party to don their best Victorian dressing for the evening. (At the very least, require basic black with at least one Gothic accessory.) 

Determine if you have time to host the dinner at home or if you want to plan an outing. Having friends over to your place requires more prep but has the added bonus of allowing you to control the ambiance. A meal out can get pricey but has the added fun of joining with your friends to present a Devil May Care attitude by strutting your theme in public. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the party that works best for you and your companions.

Beetlejuice inspired Gothic dinner party
Take it from the Deetz family, there's nothing as fun as a dinner party!

2 - Have a seasonal cocktail before dinner.

We have some great recipes for Vampire themed drinks from the Cocktail House. Get creative using Horror-themed glassware, Halloween candy as a drink garnish, and black cocktail napkins and straws.

3- Bring the monsters to work with you

Even if you have a dress code, you can usually find an area for creativity. Choose a gothic, victorian blouse, stockings with a spiderweb pattern, or horror-themed accessories. Even these little touches will help you feel the Halloween spirit!

Layer seasonal Halloween pieces with office ready staples.

The key is to layer your fun Halloween pieces with standard office attire in subdued colors. 

4 - Create a few DIY decorations

Sure, you could buy a few fake tombstones and call it a day, but where is the fun in that? Stop by the local Goodwill and pick up a few jars, candle holders, or other small items for decor. Spend a craft night painting them with traditional Halloween colors or patterns. Check out more insights on how to decorate for Halloween. Make this a fun yearly tradition and watch your collection grow!

DIY Candle Holder or Vase
Learn how to make this glitter piece here

5 - Use your skull

Skulls clothing is no longer a taboo theme for fashion or home decor. It is easy to find appropriate office fashion with skull-patterned fabric. For the home, skull throw pillows and other small touches will give your house a theme that is a little bit gothic and a little bit rock and roll.

6 - Get creepy in the kitchen.

If you like to unwind by cooking, try putting on some fun Halloween music while you make dinner. (Pandora even has holiday radio stations to help.) While you are at it, why not create a few holiday treats? Make a haunted gingerbread house, add a bit of food coloring to give a "normal" dinner a holiday tone, or get creative and add a bit of spookiness to your stove in another way. (Make sure you tell us your ideas in the comments below)

Monster attire for the kitchen
Find more fun aprons here

7 - Scary Movie Countdown

Pick a list of 10 scary movies to watch with your friends. Narrow your choices by picking a theme. Limit the selections to all black and white Wes Craven, all vampire flicks, or some other niche in the horror department. You can host a viewing to watch the movies together or have everyone preview the films on their own.

When everyone has finished watching the movies, have them all create their own personal Top 10. Get together and prepare to defend your choices! This would be another great time to break out the themed cocktails.

Fun styles for Monster Movie Night

Get in the mood for Scary Movies with these Monster Fashion pieces.

What do you think of our tips? Do you have any suggestions to add? Leave your feedback in the comment section below! 

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