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Fairy Tale Photographer Renée Eloise Is Creating Images You Will Want To Get Lost In

Teri Bildstein Published On: 18-09-2015
Fairy Tale Photographer Renée Eloise Is Creating Images You Will Want To Get Lost In

If you have never heard of Renée Eloise, prepare to be blown away by her breathtaking, conceptual photography. Her whimsical imagination breathes pixie dust into the standard childhood and family photos, creating a fairy tale world for her subjects. After seeing her beautiful photos, we had to learn more about the mind behind the art. Thankfully, she was ready to chat.


Children become super heroes in Renee Eloise's photography


How did you get started with photography and what made you decide to add the fantasy element to your images?


When I was 13, I used to dress my friends and I up, do our hair and make up, and take pictures in my parents' garden with a film camera :) But I have always loved it.

Fantasy element - I always strive to create something different then anything seen and I love anything magical, movies like The Craft back in the 90's etc were awesome to watch. I actually watched it again when it was on tv about 3 months ago. lol Movies have special effects and stunts (The Matrix comes to mind) so why not my photography, :)


Ren lets her imagination fly.


Are you a fan of fantasy and fairy tales? What are some of your favorites?


Fairy tales - When I was a kid, I read The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton over and over. plus many of her other titles. Even now at the age of 33, I could read her book and still be entertained. Such magic & brilliance!


Adding whimsy to standard photography


Do your children enjoy modeling or is it their way of "helping around the house"? 


My little girl does love it more than my boy, I think because she is a bit older and very much like me. I get her to help me take pics of me sometimes. lol I set everything up on a tripod and she snaps away. Bless her.  haha

My boy will do it if I ask him to but he would rather be doing gymnastics or playing his iPad these days. I think the novelty of having a photographer for a mum wore off long ago. haha


Ren's daughter also enjoys time behind the lens.


Do your clients/models ever have ideas they want you to create or is it all left to your imagination?


Yep. Sometimes my clients want specific ideas, but 90% of the time they say they come to me because they want something different and I get to go free range with my ideas which I absolutely love! I explain what i want to capture of course to make sure they will be comfortable and that it suits them, a priority for me is making clients' images sentimental. It's a must!


Capturing special moments


Do you handle all of the styling as well? Hair, makeup, costumes, etc...?


I used to do hair and make up but found it was draining me to much before the actual shoot and that's where I wanted to focus my energies so I work in with recommendations for other hair and make up businesses in town 


You can see more of Renee's work on her Facebook page.


If you were sitting for Renee, what imagery would you suggest she try for? Or would you wait to see what her imagination brings forth? Leave your feedback below!


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