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Featured Booth: Kitty's Jewelry Gothic, Punk And Steampunk Jewelry And Clothing Store

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 18-06-2014
Featured Booth: Kitty's Jewelry Gothic, Punk And Steampunk Jewelry And Clothing Store

Kitty's Jewelry is a sexy line with products ranging from punk corsets to sexy gothic lingerie to Steampunk jewelry. Kitty's Jewelry line always provide the best service and products for all their customers. The fun and creative line carefully selects and packs the items before they are brought online. From Goth inspired clothing to Steampunk jewelry the Kitty Jewelry line will always keep you on your toes. We talked to the mind behind the vast line of products to know more about them and their products. 


Kitty’s Jewelry, Etc.  - Jewelry & Specialty Clothing Imports is a home based business run by myself, Leslidiana Biocic and my husband John Biocic in Colorado, United States. We feature handmade alternative jewelry made from various materials such as Sterling silver, Swarovski Austrian crystals, and semi-precious stone beads. Our line of specialty is clothing imports that are catered towards a subcultural nature and whimsical tastes.

John and Leslidiana Biocic from Colorado, United States

We carry our own brands or unbranded items that we carefully select. Some of it them we make or design ourselves, based on our own whimsy. We feature items that would cost much more elsewhere. A lot of these items are not usually sold in the United States or in most malls. If they are, they tend to be less affordable for the average person.  We therefore pride ourselves in providing unique quality products at great prices!

Goth women fashion

L-R: Kitty's Specialty Clothing Imports Punk Rave Lace Pants Trousers Stretch LeggingsNecklace Steampunk Goth Choker Black LolitaSexy Goth Fairy Black Floral Pattern High Heel Wedge Boots


John is a disabled U.S. Navy veteran, and so I found it necessary to work from home while going to music school full time. We wish to make our creativity a big part of our small business. John and I tend to create and or design products that coincide with our own personal taste. Both being artists, we tend to lean toward the darker side of things.

We have found that many other people out there share our tastes and creativity and have no issues just being themselves. So we decided to provide an alternative fashion line for these awesome individuals.

L-R: Wicca Celtic Pagan Necklace Gemstone Tiger EyePunk Rockabilly Ink Corset Rose OliveHot Sexy Gorgeous Gangster Fashion Outfit Shorts Set


We do drawings for our ideas for clothing or jewelry items. I imagine what I want to see myself wearing and I create it. Sometimes, we gather inspiration from photos in publications such as Gothic Beauty which tend to be very inspiring. Victorian or Lolita photos are a good source of ideas as well. Sometimes, movie characters inspire an outfit like certain kind of cat-suits or dresses. 

L-R: Sexy Pin Up Short Open Back Sweater DressUnique You Leggings Hot Goth Pretty BlackBlack Stretch Polyurethane One Piece Dress W Ruffle


We appreciate when others share our sense of creativity and are not afraid to go out wearing something that will shock others as long as that is the way they love to look. It can be corporate Goth with a twist, or a nice corset with lace, or a one of a kind necklace that no one else has. For example if someone likes a certain combination of onyx and freshwater pearls, we can provide that. If you like deep blue lazuli with malachite and a pewter dragon pendant, we can do that too!  The custom jewelry pieces we make can be made to order.

We do not do drop-shipping. This is due to the fact that someone does not know what went out to the customer and sometimes there are issues with that. We like to see exactly what the customer will be getting. If a stitch is needed or the buttons are crooked, the item gets re-done immediately. Sometimes, items are the wrong color or something else and so catch these errors in time. One also cannot do a Q.A. check with drop-shipping.  We consider that sort of thing a little tad impersonal. With our products, you can be sure to get great service.

Another achievement we have experienced is getting our products on RebelsMarket. In the beginning, we received an e-mail inviting us to try and put our items online and it worked very nicely. RebelsMarket gave us the chance to reach more people worldwide who appreciate our edgy fashion styles.

Sexy women clothing

L-R: Sexy Hot Satin Corset You Pick ColorHot Pin Sexy Purple Passion CorsetHot Sexy School Girl Loli Cos Play Mini Dress


Start small and research, research, research.  See what people like. Put your finished items up on social media and see what photos get the most views. 

Make sure to price your items carefully. If you sell any kind of clothing items that the correct measurements are on your listings.  Do not sell things that do not fit.

Put as much detail about your item or items as possible.  Clearly state how long things take to ship to certain areas so that people know what is going on.  Communicate with your customers about order status.  Show that you CARE.

Any comments ofor Kitty’s Jewelry, Etc.  - Jewelry & Specialty Clothing Imports, comment below.