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Featured Booth: Nychta Sexy Gothic Burlesque Store

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 19-06-2014
Featured Booth: Nychta Sexy Gothic Burlesque Store

Nychta is an incredible Gothic clothing and accesories and Burlesque shoes line for men and women. With sexy items hot enough to melt an ice cube we talked to the twosome from, the United Kingdom, to know the people behind the Goth inspired brand.


L-R: Ioannis Gkretsikos, Anna Roditi

We are Ioannis Gkretsikos and Anna Roditi, the people behind Nychta Rebels Store.

Nychta stands for "Night" in Greek, and that is when the temple of alternative clothing is built. We value our fans the most, and try to stay ahead of trends by working with top brands, and offering the latest varieties. Alternative & gothic fashion don't make distinctions and isnt easy to find, so we aim to provide free & reliable shipping worldwide.

We provide from clothing to women heels, gothic accessories to edgy women swimwear, and daring lingerie, decorational furniture, and even weaponry. We put the most effort in stocking the most unique, sexy & quality items, that reflect the alternative lifestyle to its fullest.

We aim to bring the biggest variety of sizes, with most of our clothing items ranging up to 6XL, and footwear up to 51!

Gothic burlesque women fashion

L-R: Coquette SuspendersBurlesque Ankle Boots Bordello TeezePendant Nectar Faerie Pendant VitalityBurlesque Knee Boots Bordello Teeze


Nychta was been born out of love for alternative fashion & lifestyle, along with web development & design. The gap that exists in the niche is too big to go unnoticed, so making a webstore that would reflect gothic aesthetics through modern technology, sounded like the best challenge for us. Many obstacles will come in the way, especially when trying to build something huge from a small budget. However, bringing
something new every day to people who will love and appreciate them, is certainly the most fun!

L-R: Bondage / Fetish Lingerie Set Leather & Chain Bra SetEyelashes Baci Yellow Feather Eyelashes Be627Anais Pearl PastiesGothic Heels – New Rock Devil Collection

Niche of Products

I have been a die-hard fan of black metal music since my early days of childhood (I have my brother to blame), and that went along with my curiosity for the occult. You can guess the rest, it was something that
came naturally, and I wouldn't characterise it as a decision but a trait.

Goth jewelry and bikini

L-R: Pendant Mandrake Pendant Power & AttractionPendant Open Triad Pendant Magical InspirationPendant ThorÕs Hammer Pendant Personal Psychic ProtectionSwimsuit Daisy Corsets Black Crochet Monokini


Anna gets all the credit here. She's an amazing fashion designer, with a
true love for goth. Her input in finding the hottest and most qualitative clothes is essential, along with her beautiful articles researching the alternative from each aspect.


When I have realised many people are selling similar brands with over the top prices and shipping! We felt tempted at first sight to raise ours as I fell cheated, but quickly we realised how most retail stores work. Deciding to stay on the customer's side rather than money, makes our work even more fulfilling, pushing us forward!

Another achievement was going on RebelsMarket. We didn’t know there existed an alternative fashion marketplace where so many different artists and designers can buy and get to and sell their creations worldwide! We joined and will not stop improving our Rebels Store for our customers.

L-R: Pendant Lost Dragon AcheivementPendant Talisman Success Work TradePendant Nidhogg Dragon Resolving Difficulties


We would advice the people out there to have unending passion for their craft whatever it may be.

 Selling online is one of the things that seem to be easy, but in reality is quite hard. That's why unfortunately big businesses get more exposure than smaller individuals. You have to act in place of 10 people with different job positions, and the skills needed are varied and less connected to each other. I wouldn't advise most people to spend 16 hours/day in front of a computer screen, and we hope to stop doing it ourselves at some point!

The most honest and hard-earned advice I want to share, is to do what you LOVE100%,  and be prepared to work long hours without any physical rewards for some years in the beginning. 

Sexy alternative women clothing

L-R: Bikini Set Daisy Corsets Black Foil Dot Pucker Back BikiniCoquette SuspendersCoquette Pasties

Last words

We are here for everyone with any question or suggestion. We love more than anything to connect with people that love alternative fashion as much as we do! We are promoting models, bands, festivals, events and just about anything that embodies our lifestyle!

Please send us your band, your art, and your creations, and tell us which was the latest book you read, and in which cave you will be camping at the next full moon! Last but not least, and since you seem to be interested in what we do, we are offering a 20% off any item from our Rebels Store, just by using the code 650053018 on checkout! Keep the black flame alive!!! 

Any comments or suggestions for Nychta? Comment below.