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Featured Booth: Pandora's Closet Gothic And Punk Clothing Store

Wanjiru Kimani Last update: 03-01-2019
Featured Booth: Pandora's Closet Gothic And Punk Clothing Store

Linn Cole is manager of 3 stores on RebelsMarket; Pandora’s Closet, Little Black Dress and Endless Dungeon. These stores are known for their specialization in Goth corsets, sexy party, club and casual dresses. Cool digitally printed and faux leather leggings, and accessories that range from cute to punk designs. We talked to the person behind this unique and fun line to know how this line all started.

Linn Cole, Manager of Pandora's Closet, Little Black Dress and Endless Dungeon

About Pandora’s Closet

Pandora's Closet carries Gothic clothing and Punk clothing for fashion-conscious rebels. Our clothes are fitting, flattering and tend to get a lot of attention when worn! We also carry many men and women accessories, from chokers to pocket watches.

We carry a lot of digitally printed items, including dresses, tops and leggings. These feature prints from major beloved Goth franchises like Alice in Wonderland and Tim Burton films. We also carry fashion corsets and steel-boned corsets and are just now bringing out some eye-catching retro bikinis for summer.

Retro bikinis

L-R: Backless Black Off Shoulder Bodycon Clubbing Top/Dress, Retro Pin Up Black/White Polka Dot Bikini Swimsuit, Retro Pin Up Pink/Black/White Polka Dot Bikini Swimsuit, Sexy Cut Out Black/Leopard Blue Floral Bikini Swimsuit


I was co-manager of Gothic Pandemic, a major Facebook page, and decided to create a store to turn a little profit from a hobby that was taking up a lot of my time. I designed my own e-commerce site and built relationships with brands that our fans love. I've since split from the page and renamed the store Pandora's Closet, but the customer experience and my service are the same.

I'd have to say I have done alot of my learning from trial and error! You have to learn to differentiate your own taste from what your customers respond to. I'm actually a little old-fashioned, but I've learned that many customers like clothes that
are a little daring - either very fitted or that expose just the right amount of skin.

Gothic clothing

L-R: Black Lace Stretchy V Neck 3/4 Sleeve Minidress, Black Leather Skulls/Chains/Bullets Adjustable Cuff, Multilayer Fringe Spike Necklace Silver/Black, Black/White Gothic Lolita Fingerless Lace Gloves


I'm a retailer, so my job is to draw from the product lines of manufacturers to create a store with a cohesive look and feel that appeals to a particular sort of customer. I try to find items that are flattering, detailed, high-quality and catch the eye. It definitely takes time and practice to learn how to find amazing punk rock and gothic clothing.

Gothic clothing

L-R: Regular/Plus Size Black Steel Boned Gothic Overbust Corset With Metal Clasps And Chains, Full Hand Metal Skeleton Bracelet/Rings, Skull + Black Gem Black Pu Leather Clutch/Purse, Regular/Plus Size Velvety Black Goth Short Shorts


I was invited by a manager to RebelsMarket through my own e-commerce store. I liked RebelsMarket's interface and found it ease of use, so I've since moved my business
here with great results.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned from e-commerce is that who you are is just as important as your product. A customer may not think my item is perfect, but since they've had a pleasant and easy experience with me it really makes the transaction enjoyable to them. I see other sellers making the mistake of not treating their customers as well as they should, and it shows in their reviews.

Punk clothing

L-R: Black/Blue/Red Skulls Stars Faux Leather Convertible Shoulder/Messenger Bag, Vintage Bronze See Through Pop Open Quartz Pocket Watch, Leopard Print High Waist Zip Up Miniskirt, Punk Pirate Skull Black/White Striped Stretchy Leggings


Don't expect to succeed right away. There's a steep learning curve in commerce, and you need to identify who your customer is and what they want. Learning proper customer service took me months and months, but now it's second nature. Be patient, always stay polite and celebrate little victories.

Last words

I would like to send out my appreciation for RebelsMarket and my wonderful customers. I look forward to receiving more orders and having people looking amazing in Pandora's closet punk rock and goth clothes.

Any comments or suggestions for Pandora's Closet? Comment below.