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Featured Booth: Lady K’s Ltd

DarkAngel Published On: 02-05-2014
Featured Booth: Lady K’s Ltd

The style of Lady K's outfits can be described in one word, elegant. Her line is beautiful accentuating a woman and man's body. Once you own one of her outfits, people will not forget how you looked in them and neither will you.

We got a chance to learn more about this ecclectic line and the person behind it. Here you go!

L-R: Sir Steve Joel and Kendall Gail Joel

About Lady K's

My name is Kendall Gail Joel, I manage Lady K’s on RebelsMarket.I love to shop for clothes, it is enjoyable and pleasurable if I am doing it online.

My family, friends and I, through different experiences, realized that shopping for clothes in town was getting less and less pleasurable as well as increasingly difficult due to styles and sizing. Hence, I decided to create alternative clothing and accessories that cover a wide range of styles and sizes to suit most women and men needs. This gave birth to my online business which was formed in April 2007.

My online business expanded, and I opened my first Town Centre Store in May 2010 at Bedford, United Kingdom (UK) that run La Plume events held at the Bedford Swan Hotel for like-minded people who dress up, have a fun packed evening whilst enjoying great entertainment.

Lady K’s Town Centre Store located at Bedford, UK

Aim Of Lady K's

My aim is to bring something different in the market, to give women and men of all sizes and shapes their confidence back by making them feel truly good through wearing fabulous clothes and accessories that suit them through Vintage inspired clothing.

Flared Vintage Inspired Dress Faux Bolero

Hedj Military Style Jacket

Most of the Burlesque, Vintage inspired, Steampunk, Goth and much more alternative clothing that I stock are UK size 8 – 30. You will not find ‘size zero’ or ‘one size fits all’ items on my shop, because, you know what ‘one size fits all’ actually does not fit!

Three Way Tiered Skirt Black

Other than stocking Heart and Roses, Chicstar, Hell Bunny, Punk69, Phaze amongst other brands, I stock my own, Lady K’s design and branded items called ‘Sacred Black Heart’.  My brand grew from the fact that I have a keen eye for unique burlesque items that are not easily available that suit everyone.


My greatest experience was catering for a Cancer affected couple. The wife was going through Cancer treatment and she was really low such that buying new clothes was a NO activity. When my team and I did her makeover, she looked so beautiful and confident that when her husband saw her, he was overwhelmed with joy and could not hold back his tears. 

Starting out was not easy, the retail business is fierce, it is difficult to know what exactly people want and my suppliers would give me ‘copyright’ pictures. This was upsetting, and the criticism I got for not using my supplier’s own pictures almost made me give up, but I did not. I have learned a lot since then and am even more fussier over quality.

Lady K’s Ltd won the Specialist Retailer of the Year 2013 Bedford, UK

L-R: Nick Shopper Anonymous, Lady K's, Walberry's, The Kiln and Kevin Kavanagh.

Last words

If you are starting out, the best advice I can give is do not be afraid to ask for advice from other independent likeminded business owners because most are willing to help, and, when selecting a supplier insist on getting a sample order first to check the quality to avoid dead stock. Also, take advantage of market places such as RebelsMarket that have little costs to help promote your goods.

Moreover, keep the prices of your product realistic by avoiding price wars with your competitors and add new products to avoid boring your customers.

When you feel good you also look good so bring out your beauty with Lady K’s clothes and accessories.

If you have any comments, please feel free to comment below.