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Canary Created Sugar skull Store

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 07-05-2014
Canary Created Sugar skull Store

These sugar skull handbags and purses are some of the most beautiful and cool looking items you can spot anywhere. Canary Created offer cute quilted handbags in fabric offerings that are different and hard to find. The idea and designs of these bags are all machine quilted by one person.

Who is behind Canary Created

My name is Carrie Dunn with Canary Created online store at I love traveling, snowboarding, playing ice hockey, hiking the Colorado mountains, and relaxing in warm weather.  I spend my day working in my shop producing my product, developing new products and interacting through my websites and social media.

Carrie Dunn on the extreme right and her family

Origin of Canary Created

I love to create items with fabrics and my sewing machines. I never thought of myself as a creative person until I was introduced to the art of quilting by my mother. I have always sewn clothes and a few crafts, but when my mom showed me how to quilt I became very interested in how fabrics could come together to make blankets, clothing, accessories, crafts and art.  I have also been in love with Halloween, and most of what I did with my sewing was Halloween related.  My sights really got set when I visited the Field Museum in Chicago and after seeing many wonderful things; all I could think about when I left was the Day of the Dead section of the gift shop. After this visit I have been trying to figure out different ways to incorporate these themes into what I do.

Example of Day of the Dead fabric

I found a beautiful Day of the Dead fabric and it hung on my wall for 6 months because I just couldn't find the best way to show the beauty of the fabric in any pattern I had come across. Then one day it dawned on me to make each of the individual scenes in the fabric into an awesome purse that I could wear! I posted the purse to my Facebook page and was surprised by the positive response for my purse. This is what got me started on my journey into this business, I really only thought I would sell enough to make some extra cash, but one month into my online business I was contacted by Inked magazine, they wanted to sell my items on their site.  This gave me the boost and confidence I needed to begin thinking that this could be a full time job for me!

Canary Created Designs

I think that the design of my purses is what draws people to my products. Their feminine shape yet rebellious design lets my purses stand out from the crowd.  I personally love how the solid color of the bodies on my cross body purses is in stark contrast to the scene that I have chosen for the flap and really let that scene pop out.  My Sugar Skull in Blue Tattoo cross body purse was the first product I listed, and then I started getting some custom requests which have led to the travel bags, shoulder purses, wallets and cosmetic bags that are also on my site.  My Sugar Skull in Blue Tattoo is still my best selling purse! I use reputable designer fabrics and the solid fabrics are top of the line fabrics to keep the purse from degenerating with heavy use. 

Clockwise: Zen Charmer Multi Purse and Merlot Wallet, Tattoo Rose Purse Blue Tattoo, Sugar Skull Purse Blue Tattoo, Sugar Skull Multi, Faux Leather Black Cross Body Purse


This journey of building my brand and online presence has been very rewarding.  I don't want to say I have made mistakes, I have just adapted and adjusted as the process goes to make my product and service even better.  I have had such a positive response from my customers and love to hear from the customers that want custom products and working to create new items all the time.  I have found that nothing is better than quality workmanship and quality customer service.  I am very excited to see where this journey takes me in the future and my path is driven by my customers and their excitement and wonderful requests.

Clockwise: Retro Movie Monsters Cosmetic Tote Quilted PurseSugar Skull Multi Purse Over The Shoulder, Mustache Handmade Cosmetic Bag, Cartas Marcadas, Day Dead Tri Fold Wallet.

Last words

If I were to give any advice to anyone wanting to start up an online business, it would be:

- Customer Service is king, listen to your customers.

- Have patience in building your online presence, it takes time for people to find you.

- Fear the bad review. If you fear a bad review, your product and service will shine through.

- Brand yourself. Stand out from the crowd and work on making your brand recognizable.

- Social Media is your friend!

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