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Featured Store: Edgy Fashion Apparel From Smart Boutique

Wanjiru Kimani Last update: 03-01-2019
Featured Store: Edgy Fashion Apparel From Smart Boutique

Smart Boutique is one of the best-selling stores on Rebelsmarket. They provide a wide assortment of edgy clothing for men and women. From women’s leggings to t-shirts, sweaters and corsets. Based in China, we talked with Dan Lee, the owner and provider of Smart Boutique on RebelsMarket.

L-R: Women Pure Color T Shirt Tee, Black Fashion Long Slip Dress, Striped Pattern High Waist Women Cropped Capri Pants

About Smart boutique

My shop is a small boutique which focuses on high quality, unique items clothing and jewelry and some personalized accessories. These products are checked by me and the quality is guaranteed. I take into consideration of the worldwide customers and I hope they smile when they open their packages. Edgy sweaters and leggings have been best sellers in my shop. Both of them are pattern printed products. When I choose such products, I picture how the buyer might look like when he/she wears them. I do what I love and what I'm good at and passionate about. By doing so I am sure the customer always gets what they want, making them happy. I find inspiration and ideas from various social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Through Google search engine I check out pictures and derive ideas from ‘what’s hot’ and ‘trending now.’

L-R: Punk Style Hipster Pattern Leggings Pants, Vintage Unique Squre Fashion Necklace, Egyptian Pharaohs Print Fashion Unisex Hoodie Sweater, Retro Punk Skull Clutch Handbag Shoulder Bag


Putting my clothes on RebelsMarket has been a great source of inspiration for me. The first impression of RM to me was that it is a comprehensive punk style site. There was no other site I knew serving that purpose and so I was in! Due to its accurate audience, I can select edgy clothes knowing the customers’ needs. The greatest experience I have had here is August 2013. Sales of a special collection started to increase and it was unexpected. I didn’t know much about Punk clothing at the time and so I was really encouraged and excited about the high demand of my products. I also like to make sure to check all the products before they are shipped or posted online. This helps me get 5-star feedback from customers and such feedback helps with the sales.

L-R: Cool Skull Head Pattern T Shirt Fashion Tee Punk, Hip Hop Pattern Print Men's Hoodie, Large Military Green Washed Canvas Backpack Bag, Unique Gothic Steam Punk Ring Jewelry Men


Any advice I would give an upcoming seller is to keep their standards of Quality and service high. Everyone wants to buy quality products and so it is up to you to make sure the customer is happy with their purchase. Also sometimes logistics  get complicated due to the shipping process. This has happened to me time and again as I am from China.  So your attitude and timely reply  to the customers is important. Let them feel that you are willing to help them solve the problem and you will follow up the problem until it is solved. Don't just say Please don't worry but do something proactive to solve the issue.

L-R: New Arrival Gothic Punk Lace Short Dress Long Shirt, Blue Artificial Crystal Rhinestone Bling Necklace, Handmade Pearl Case Iphone 4, Retro Style Rope Bracelet

Last words

Some people say we need to look back upon our previous mistakes so as to avoid making the same mistake again. However, I also think it's necessary to look back to find out the things we have done right. If we do such right things over and over, then it will lead us to success.  So when people have been looking for a shop with good service to get unique and edgy clothing, I hope your answer will be SMARTBOUTIQUE.