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Featured Store: Frogs And Princes Edgy Accessories

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 27-05-2014
Featured Store: Frogs And Princes Edgy Accessories

At RebelsMarket, we love to encourage any and all authentic created edgy accessories for women. Frogs and Princes is one of our handmade jewelry and accessories stores who specialize in unique items like clutches, earrings and even baby shoes. We talked to the owner of this eclectic store to find out more.

About Frogs and Princes Store

My name is Karine, a French artist and owner of Frogs and Princes which is now 4 years old. Frogs and Princes is a brand that creates jewels and accessories for rock and retro princesses. I believe in personalized fashion and I create unique jewels and accessories for unique people. All my products are made with passion and represent what I love and who I am. I get inspiration from history, mythology, the Goth culture and Victorian era alike. My spirit or universe is offbeat, cynic, realist, poetic and a dreamer. I like to offer dark, original, unusual, impertinent but still feminine products.

Karine, owner and designer of Frogs and Princes store


I have always been making items since my childhood.  My motto was;  I am, so I create. I constantly need to create, it is impulsive and vital to my being. As time went on and my passion increased and I decided to create my own company. So Frogs and Princes was born.

Edgy baby shoes

Clockwise: Unisex Baby Shoes Skull Pirate Gift Of Birth, Baby Girl Skulls Roses Shoes Gift Of Birth, Baby Girl Skull Black Pink Shoes Gift Of Birth, Baby Girl Pirate Pink Stripes Shoes Gift Of Birth


I do not follow mainstream fashion and its rules. I create what I want and what I am. I create in an instinctive and impulsive way. My inspirations are so many and correspond to my passions. History and mythology, Goth and gore cultures, literature from the XIX century, Fairytales, Symbolists, Decadents and Pre-Raphaelites, old movies, Steampunk, Victorian and Rockabilly styles, my French style, culture & spirit, metal music.

edgy purses

L-R: Big Purse Gothic Ghastlies Carpathian Vampires Family Witch Vampire Wedding, Little Skulls & Roses Purse, Memento Mori Clutch Bag Handbag


RebelsMarket contacted me and it was a great honor. Every time a customer is happy and sends me touching or encouraging words I feel very glad. In France, we say; There’s no little customer. That means you have to treat all your customers the same way asthey are al equal.

Edgy necklaces

L-R: Hypnosis Eye Pendulum Necklace, White Vinyl Necklace Disc Lp Rockabilly Music, Green Dragon Eye Necklace Game Of Thrones Daenerys, Misty Day White Witch Necklace Gypsy Wicca Wiccan Bohemian Dark Mori

 Last words

If you are thinking of starting your own company, be ready because it is a very difficult step. You are alone and you must be strong, and stay motivated to go ahead. However, express yourself, be different! Do what you want to do without compromises and don’t be ashamed of who you are!

Thank you very much for allowing me to express myself on RebelsMarket.