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Featured Store: Fusion Street Urban T-Shirts & Vests

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 12-08-2014
Featured Store: Fusion Street Urban T-Shirts & Vests

Fusion T-Shirts & Vests are a recent addition to the RebelsMarket family and they have taken the page by storm! The brands' edgy, creative and provocative designs are just one of the reasons everybody wants a piece of these rare street/urban clothing for men and women. Being able to custom design any Street urban fashion t-shirts and vests you may be interested in, you are sure to get value for your money. This article will take you through the people behind this trend-setting brand. 

1. What’s your name? And what store do you manage on RebelsMarket?

My name is Craig Williams, a British 42 year old from London living in Thailand and married to a Thai woman. I am owner and manager of Fusion T Shirts & Vests

L-R: Craig, his wife and rest of the crew

2. Describe for us your store in a few sentences.

We are a family run business who live and work in Thailand. We specialize in modern artistic street urban designs which we print onto men's T-shirts and ladies vests. We use the best DTG (Direct To Garment) printing, which uses no transfer paper. By focusing on unusual provocative designs you will find on our t-shirts and vests, we gift wrap and deliver each order free of charge.

street urban shirts and vests

3. Tell us a little about some of the products you carry.

Our t-shirts and vests have various designs however we classify the as Street/urban fashion. I personally like tattoo art with provocative and unusual designs like a lot of the pinup girls that we have listed. These prints have proven to be very popular. Many of our customers love our tattoo designs as well as the Banksy collection. Our Star Wars inspired shirts and vests are also very popular.

4. So, how did it all start?

I started off selling men's T-shirts on eBay. About a year ago I invested in a new DTG (digital garment printer) and started designing and producing my own t-shirts. This was a big risk for me as the printer is extremely expensive. I wanted to create my own brand, and produce my own T-Shirts so I went for it and invested in the printer and a lot of plain white T-shirts and vests. 

5. How did you decide your niche?

I just started printing on designs that I liked. I figured there are so many different styles and tastes out there I should just go for what I like and see how they perform. Luckily the printed design shirts caught on with many ideas being embraced by people. 

6. From where do you draw inspiration for your products?

I draw inspiration from various things I encounter in films and drawings. I always try to be different and anything that I see that is unusual and a little risky seems to fit well.

7. What experience has had the greatest impact on you and your store?

Actually to be honest, it was putting my products on Rebelsmarket. We have been selling consistently for about five years on eBay but when we started listing on RebelsMarket, our sales have exploded!  Now we are all working very hard to keep up with all of our orders whilst maintaining the highest possible standards.

8. What has been your biggest mistake so far? Tell us what it was and, if you had to do it again, how would you do it differently?

Our biggest mistake was not trying to expand to other marketplaces a long time ago. We have been content with our eBay store but now we have seen how much more we could have sold had we made the move a long time ago.

9. What brought you to RebelsMarket?

I actually came across the Rebels site by chance. I was looking through ladies vests online to see what was out there and one of the vests that caught my eye was on RebelsMarket. My focus quickly changed from looking at the vest to the website and I thought this site was perfect for me. I particularly like the fact that there are no upfront fees like shop or listing fees, and it is much friendlier than eBay. I got the impression that you were looking for small businesses like mine, to join the site / community.

10. What lesson or advice would you share with other creative people seeking to start their own online or brick and mortar business?

If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got. Just start doing more, take a few small risks and try something different.

If you have any comments or suggestions for Fusion T-Shirts and Vests, comment below.