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Featured Store: Kate's Clothing Gothic Fashion

Wanjiru Kimani Last update: 03-01-2019
Featured Store: Kate's Clothing Gothic Fashion

Kate's Clothing is committed to alternative style and culture. Their designs originate from the deep and dark realms to bring you the best alternative clothing at the best prices. The items you find have been specifically chosen for the outright rejection of anything mainstream! So if you really love the rebellious thrill, you should own a piece of this brand.

About Kates Clothing 

Kates clothing

Kelly, Konstantin and Kate

My name is Kelly, a part of the team here that run Kate's Clothing and Necessary Evil. We, together with Kate and Konstantin, are a dedicated Gothic clothing store with a great choice of Gothic and alternative clothing for guys and girls. We also do some awesome retro and Steampunk style items too! As well as offering awesome clothing we make sure our customers get an excellent shopping experience with fast dispatch and excellent customer service!

At Kates Clothing, we love all things alternative, so you will appreciate our clothing whether you are looking for Gothic, Punk, Steampunk, Alt Street or Retro Vintage clothing! Our styles are striking and versatile, perfect for small to plus size body shapes. We love to provide flattering and unique items that are easy to wear without compromising on personal taste!


Goth clothing for men and women

Kate's Clothing began as a personal project. I started making my own clothing as I loved looking alternative and unique but couldn't find affordable cool clothes! Then I began designing and creating clothing for friends as well. As the business spread, people began asking me to make their clothes as well! This grew and grew over time and it wasn't long until my designs were in demand all over the world!


Goth women fashion

The team here at Kate's Clothing is all alternative. It is a passion and a lifestyle for all of us. There wasn't really a decision to be an alternative clothing store, it was just the natural progression that sprung from my alternative and Gothic design style. There was no conversation on what niche we were to get into, it was Goth from the start!


Inspiration for our clothing comes from the culture of the people who wear it and the occasions they might want to wear them. We have items inspired by classic Gothic balls, alternative club nights, festivals, and music. We even have pieces inspired by what Goths might wear to work. We believe alternative people are always different, even when they have to smarten up for something corporate. So we began providing clothing that reflects their taste and can cover all aspects of life, from work to play!

Goth fashion


Our coolest achievements is every season when samples for our new collection arrives. The impact every collection has on us is great and different every time.

From the initial process when we design and create a collection to the moment they arrive and we get to see them, it is a great feeling. There is a massive sense of joy and relief when we see that everything works and looks just how we imagined! We all get super excited about sharing our new pieces with the world. It can only be compared to the rush of whizzing down a ski slope!


We are a very small company so when things go wrong they can really hit us hard and we have to fight to overcome them but it is so important to stay focused on the good things and be positive. 

Goth fashion

Why RebelsMarket?

We heard great things about RebelsMarket and could see it was an excellent  Online alternative market place! Being alternative ourselves we had even shopped here so we knew it was definitely the place for us!


It is really important to stay true to the core of your idea. Don't lose focus or be distracted. Stick to your guns and things will happen organically for you! It is important to make good business decisions and also remember that money isn't everything. So you need to make sure that you have a lot of love for what you do. This will see you through the inevitable ups and downs!

Goth women fashion

Last words

We love hearing from the people who wear our clothing! So feedback, questions, and fan photos are always so welcome! Feel free to find us on all the social channels and connect with us!

Do you love Kates Clothing Goth fashion? If you have any comments or suggestions, comment below.