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Featured Store: Kiss Me Naughty Sexy Fashion For Women Of All Sizes

Teri Bildstein Published On: 03-07-2015
Featured Store: Kiss Me Naughty Sexy Fashion For Women Of All Sizes

Benjamin Franklin once said "If you want something done, ask a busy person." So when we decided to relaunch our Featured Store series, we reached out to Amanda of Kiss Me Naughty. Amanda not only owns Kiss Me Naughty; she also has a day job, is going to school for her Masters, and above all, she is a mother. Did we also mention she recently launched her own publication, Wayward Magazine? In the land of busy, Amanda is reigning queen.


Kiss Me Naughty sells fashion for women on RebelsMarket


How did you decide on the name Kiss Me Naughty?


When I decided to start my own business, I actually began with selling romance products. I played around with different words that would incorporate the first letter of each of my kid's names and Kiss Me Naughty was born.

It didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't excited by what I was selling and that isn't the way to go. I wanted to be able to have more of ME in my business and have a creative outlet. 

So, I did an overhaul and moved into fashion. I kept the name because I already had a great customer base that I didn't want to lose. I love my fans and I didn't want them to be unable to find me after the change.



Lingerie for every body type



What made you decide to carry fashion for plus size women?


I work with amazing models. Not only are they beautiful, they all work really hard and have great personalities. They are just fun to be around. A lot of people get down on standard models because they think they don't portray real women. I don't agree with that but I do understand not everyone wears standard sizing. 

Look-  I like to eat, I have kids,and I like to wear fun clothes! I don't get to go out often, but when I do, I want to feel like I am rocking it! EVERYONE should have that option, no matter what their size is. 

So, I make sure I carry something for every body type. All women are beautiful and they should be able to express their style.


Standard and Plus Size Swimwear



How did you find the brands you carry?


My day job is in the import/export business, so I knew the logistics. I just had to find styles that I loved and manufacturers I could trust. 

At the end of the day, it is my name on the shop. I refuse to carry anything that I wouldn't wear or that doesn't meet my standards of quality. That was a learning curve. Sometimes, what you order is not what you get. One bad shipment and I am done with a brand. I won't risk a bad item getting through my controls and into a customer's hand.

That reflects on me, not the manufacturer, and my reputation is important to my business and me personally.


Alternative fashion tops from Kiss Me Naughty on RebelsMarket

What has been the most difficult part of owning your own shop?

Finding people I can trust to work with. Models, photographers, they are great because they have an interest in our projects. But finding anyone to help with my actual shop can be difficult.

Actually, that has been one of the bonuses to RebelsMarket. I was already happy when I started selling here. Within my first week, I had a sale. So clearly, the audience was right. Then, I went on vacation and had someone watching my shop. The person did not handle a customer service inquiry to my standards. I found out because James (the founder of RebelsMarket) contacted me directly like "What is going on with you?!" It was nice to know someone else was watching out for me, too. 
Cute skull outfit from Kiss Me Naughty on RebelsMarket

Let's talk about the magazine you created.


Wayward Magazine is my new baby!

You know, there are magazines that people with alternative style can relate to. Tattoo magazines and music news, but there are not many fashion publications unless they are super specific to a subculture.

I wanted to create something that combined the feel of those magazines in one fashion and lifestyle publication. Something that women interested in alternative fashion could read and relate to. Where they could see new styles they can easily wear daily and they can see people living lives they can relate to or take an interest in. 


Wayward Magazine from Kiss Me Naughty



Will people finally get to see you in your magazine?


Hahaha! I thought about it.

I love partnering with up and coming models and letting them express my spirit. Those collaborations have been really important to me. In fashion, people have heard about how catty things can be. I work with very positive people and we build on each other's successes. 

I have no need to see my face in the spotlight. My style and my relationships show who I really am.


You can find more fashion from Kiss Me Naughty here

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