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Featured Store: LilithCreations Steampunk Handmade Jewelry

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 05-06-2014
Featured Store: LilithCreations Steampunk Handmade Jewelry

Lilithcreations store can be described as a journey through Steampunk fairy tales. With beautiful rose crafted rings to mermaid necklaces you will love each piece. A shop for Vintage lovers with unique Steampunk handmade jewelry and a place to find unique creations and ideas coming to life and recreated on jewelry.

Maria handmade steampunk jewelry

Maria working in her workshop from her bedroom

About Lilith Creations

My name is Maria Khor designer behind  Lilithcreations from Greece. I manage the Steampunk handmade jewelry store and I design all my own jewelry in a very small workshop in my bedroom. My shop is for Vintage and Steampunk jewelry lovers and a place for complete handmade wonder. There are some products that I carry in which I am very proud of, due to the fact that I do not have a normal workshop. However, my pieces have feeling and emotion in them and I know people can feel that through my jewelry.

Steampunk handmade jewelry

L-R: Brass Steampunk Mermaid, Steampunk Butterfly Chocker


It all started 7 years ago, I had first come to the city and was working hard to pay the rent. One day my friend suggested to me that I should try creating jewelry and selling them to make ends meet. At first I thought it was stupid, but after a while I started enjoying it and so I stuck to it with the support of my friends it has made me the person I am today.

Steampunk pocket square watch

Above: Mechanical Pocket Watch Square


Inspiration can come from anything, it can come from everyday life combined with things you love. Usually for me that is how it is. I get inspired by things that happen in my every day life and I combine them with nature, fairy tales, imaginary machinery and even food!

Steampunk necklaces

L-R: Cameo Victorian Velvet Necklace, Vintage Girl Swing Necklace, Romantic Handmade Brass Butterfly Necklace


I joined RebesMarket when I saw an advertisement/post in Facebook for the site and read what it was all about. I never knew that there was a site for alternative fashion and jewelry and I was so happy! I first started to look at the products, deciding what to shop. In time I decided that this is my style so I opened a store of my own Steampunk handmade jewelry line!

Top - Bottom: Cute Little Handmade Tea Set Stud Earrings, Steampunk Necklace Bottle, Steampunk Flower Ring

Last words

It is very important to do things that you love no matter what, it is worth the risk. That is how I made the decision and kept true to it till today.

Always believe in your creations, don't let anyone tell you they're not good enough, don't be afraid to take risks if it something you love doing. You have nothing to lose!

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