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Featured Store: Lovesweetbox Vintage Punk Clothing And Accessories Store

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 07-08-2014
Featured Store: Lovesweetbox Vintage Punk Clothing And Accessories Store

At RebelsMarket, we find joy in bringing the best in unique and cool items. Lovesweetbox is a vintage fashion brand that does just that. You will find some of the newest and unique items in this brand. Their Punk jewelry, trendy men hats and caps, high fashion bags and many other accessories will always keep you on your toes with their edgy and trendy designs. Lovesweetbox items are sure to add spice and pizzazz to your closet. We spoke to the person behind this line to find out more about it; 

Punk fashion accessories

1.What’s your name? What store do you manage on RebelsMarket?

My name is Elizabeth, manager of Lovesweetbox on RebelsMarket.

Punk rock men fashion

2. Describe for us your store.

Lovesweetbox is a unique brand founded in 2012 and is dedicated to providing customers with the most unique and affordable vintage jewelry and apparel. Our featured products are vintage punk rock inspired rings and necklaces. I also make sure to have my fashion buyers bring you the latest clothes and bags every week!

Punk fashion jewelry

3.  Tell us a little about some of the products you carry.

My main products are vintage jewelry, mostly punk inspired rings due to my experience as an online jewelry buyer. I also include some high quality men T-shirts and caps.

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4. How did it all start?

I used to work as a fashion jewelry buyer in an online fashion store for two years. One day I discovered Rebelsmarket and I decided to start my online shop here.

5. How did you decide your niche?

The products at my store are items I like and used to recommend to my customers. Having learned my customers’ needs and likes, I am able to select items I know they will love.  

Punk men fashion

6. From where do you draw inspiration for your products?

I draw my inspiration from reading books, magazines, fashion websites and blogs. These help me get unique ideas and also educate me as to how I should run my business online.  

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7. What experience has had the greatest impact on you and your store?

I think choosing a reliable logistics company is very important for every online shop. When my store was still new, some customers complained about the late delivery or loss of their parcels. We didn’t have enough experience at the time to deal with the issue. So it was unfortunate for the customers who received their items late. However, now we use a very reliable logistics company. The delivery time is very fast and stable and every parcel has a valid tracking number to ensure punctual delivery of every item.

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8. What has been your biggest mistake so far? Tell us what it was and, if you had to do it again, how would you do it differently?

My team is very young and we have passion to try different things, so I don’t think we have made any big mistakes. Everything for us is different and we try to provide the best experience for our customers..

9. What brought you to RebelsMarket?

RebelsMarket has amazing edgy products and items, the exact scene I was interested in. Here there is a wide variety of Punk and Vintage fashion items. My products are therefore home on RebelsMarket.

Punk women fashion

10. What lesson or advice would you share with other creatives seeking to start their own online business?

I think it is very important to follow your heart. Once you do so, then you will work hard and reap great rewards, even though you feel tired or under appreciated.

To conclude, I will bring more unique things in the future so always check out my store to be the first in line! Thanks for supporting Lovesweetbox store :)

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