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Featured Store: Shitsville Punk Rock Clothing And Accessories Store

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 11-06-2014
Featured Store: Shitsville Punk Rock Clothing And Accessories Store

Unique designs and apparel all designed by Sara, founder of Shitsville clothing make the brand stand out. The fun Punk Rock clothing for men and women provided by Shitsville clothing is the best for any rock loving person out there. From studs to leather to spikes and skulls, get them all from this amazing line. All the way from the beautiful country of Italy, we got to know more about the person behind Shitsville store.

Sara, owner of Shitsville Store

About Shitsville clothing

Shitsville Punk Rock Fashion brand was born in 2006 in Naples. We have genuine products that are designed with passion, reliability and attention to customer needs. Our garments are tailored in Italy with exclusive Italian fabrics and features. Punk rock fashion designs with innovative cuts and details at affordable prices.

I sell Shitsville Clothing for female and male collections and some accessories. The main theme is punk rock and classic rock style, although we love to explore all new trends coming from the underground, such as gothic and steampunk. This season we also created our first division, Shitsville Kustomized, for one of a kind and strictly Limited Edition products. We decided to give a new beginning to finished products carefully selected from the seasons’ looks and hot trends. Shoes, outerwear and edgy products, handicrafted and killer-embellished, to help our clients stand out from the crowd.

We also carry K-17 Distribution products. A brand new range, brought to you by our cool-hunting picks. We do not make these products but we carefully select them according to best manufacturing at most competitive prices, among carefully researched international markets.

Punk rock men clothing

L-R: Shitsville Black Cone Studded Vest, Shitsville Kustomized Leopard Back Black Pleather Sneakers Silver Studs Spikes, Shitsville Clothing Black Bullets Pants


It all started from a passion for the DIY. I learned how to sew with a machine just for a whim. The desire to wear clothes that I could not find in stores and to reuse in a new guise those clothes that were no longer in fashion. I also created some for my dearest friends, then I decided to try some sales on the web. They went rea lly well and, lucky me, I got the help from a friend of mine who was studying fashion design. I slowly started to learn modeling and pattern techniques. Even though I never learned how to draw, that did not hinder me from creating true collections for men and women with all size ranges.

Until today, our production process is based on craftworks and DIY designs that we personally keep an eye on step by step. We take care of every fabric and supply choice, pattern development, cut and packaging, ironing and finally the sale.

Punk rock women clothing

L-R: Shitsville Kustomized Black Pleather Pumps Hot Pink Studs Silver Skull Bow, Black Ecoleather Studded Boot Covers, Pvc Vinyl Black Pencil Skirt Studded Bow


I love all alternative fashion styles and I know there are many people out there with my same unique taste. I got the best daily inspirations from street wear and urban fashion trends. I love living in the city and looking at how people feel their fashion. The best ideas come from the underground scene. I always loved alternative fashion, it was, and I hope it still is, more pure, more natural and not so easy to persuade or influence.

Punk rock women clothing


The best experiences with the greatest impact are linked to the events we took part in. Bringing the brand outside the web and to our headquarters gave us such a great motivation that we will no longer be able to leave. Meeting people and seeing their reactions when they try our products for the first time in person is a priceless experience and the essence of my work.I am also grateful for the opportunity to have learnt and received advice from companies where I interned. There I met the right people who embraced my project and helped me in all I have learned. Also bringing my line, Shitsville clothing to RebelsMarket, was the right platform for my brand. I saw a link on a social media page and I knew I had to get my Punk rock line there. I loved RebelsMarket from the beginning.

Punk rock clothing

L-R: Pvc Black Vinyl Mini Skirt Zippers, Shitsville Clothing Black Plaid Zipper Punk Jacket, Shitsville Clothing Black Shorts Zippers


Look, learn and never be satisfied. Do not ever think your product or craftwork is more beautiful, more artistic, or more sought-after than others. Above all try hard not to fall in the bad temptation called uniformity only because it seems easier and quicker to achieve.

You can create or just sell what you think is good but your customers will make it special.

The best thing you can do is to know what you want to do. Trust no one other than yourself and always be aware of what you say and do at your endless turning points. Here is what I try to repeat to myself every time; I am about to blunder again.

Punk rock shorts

Above: Black Ecoleather Shorts Hot Pants W/ Spikes

Last words

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