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Featured Store: Tym Handmade Fashion Jewelry

Wanjiru Kimani Published On: 29-05-2014
Featured Store: Tym Handmade Fashion Jewelry

A real creative artist loves to design and bring smiles to peoples faces with their designs. Tym Store is one of those stores that have beautiful and timeless designs. Cool, authentic and cute are some of the words our customers have used to describe the Tym store at RebelsMarket. The store provides necklaces, chokers and beautifully designed pendant for you to enjoy.

We spoke to the person behind the store to get a feel of who is behind the jewelry;

Mazaha designing earrings in his home

About Tym Store

My name is Masaha of "Tym". It is Tokyo's handmade fashion jewelry brand since July 2012. Our products are supported by many hard rock lovers. I design and create my fashion jewelry under different categories.  I love designing accessories and people would ask for them. I therefore decided to begin selling them. With time I have gotten partners and we began designing these fashion jewelry accessories at home.

Handmade Skull jewelry

Clockwise: Tym Hand Carving Skull Turquoise Necklace, Tym Hand Carving Skull Turquoise Earrings, Tym Boneless Skull Guitar Pick Earrings, Tym Boneless Skull Guitar Pick Necklace


I love the American culture and lifestyle and so I draw my inspiration from there.I love making original shapes such as fists, rock-on signs and aliens. I also love the rock and tattoo culture.

L-R: Tym X Fist Necklace Green, Tym Rock On Stud Earrings, Tym Nf2013 Alien Necklace


I came to RebelsMarket because I knew it would present me with great opportunities and fresh ideas. By putting my items here I have had great exposure of my items. Also apart from my handmade jewelry, I am also a music composer and producer. You can listen a sample here.

Handmade gun metal roses

Clockwise: Metal Rose Velvet Choker Red, Metal Rose Velvet Choker Black, Tym Gun Black Rose Stud Earrings, Tym Gun Rose Stud Earrings

Last words

My advice to anybody who is interested in selling their products online is the importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is important and will get you a great deal of followers. Although I have many passions and interests designing accessories is my first love. So do not be afraid to venture into new areas, its always great to expand your horizons.