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Featured Store: Wizikorea Trendy Men's Fashion

Wanjiru Kimani Last update: 03-01-2019
Featured Store: Wizikorea Trendy Men's Fashion

When you think of sleek, slender and sexy mens fashion, you think of Wizikorea. This brand provides trendy mens fashion for all occasions. You will be pleasantly surprised when you check out this sleek fashion line. Wizikorea is driven by a core value of giving the customer style and quality through the Korean fashion network.

In order to having the best collection of men fashion, not only do they produce their clothes under a tigh-knit management, but also outsource to independent manufacturers, primarily in Korea. We spoke to the manager of this amazing fashion line to learn more about them.

RebelsMarket: What’s your name? And what store do you manage on RebelsMarket?

My name is Shawn Koh, owner of the Wizikorea mens fashion line store on RebelsMarket.

Shawn Koh, from Wizikorea

RebelsMarket: Tell us a little about some of the products you carry.

 My store is driven by a core value of providing the customer with high quality trendy and stylish men's fashion through the Korean fashion network. Wizikorea is an online fashion company for men and one of the largest online distribution groups in South Korea. We provide casual and unique style. We are especially known for men hoodies and cardigans.

So, how did it all start?

My boss begun a clothing business in Korea. He finds overseas market potential in various stores. When he hired me to begin managing his store named Wizikorea, that was the beginning of the amazing store that is Wizikorea.

trendy men fashion

RebelsMarket: Where do you draw inspiration for your products?

I get my inspiration from Korean street fashion. I like to target guys who wear basic, comfy and stylish wear which is unique.

RebelsMarket: What experience has had the greatest impact on you and your store?

I am always humbled when customers e-mail me what style they want. This helps us learn the style people like. I also enjoy seeing men dressed in classic and stylish fashion that we have selected. 

RebelsMarket: What brought you to RebelsMarket? 

I found amazing rebels on RebelsMarket who like my style. They love the alternative fashion as well as our cool and sleek designs, This has helped broaden our customer base worldwide.

men casual fashion

RebelsMarket: What has been your biggest mistake so far? Tell us what it was and, if you had to do it again, how would you do it differently?

Sometimes when I got products from a reseller the price was high. I therefore had to sell these products at a high cost as well. Duuring that time I found many customers put the products into cart but didn't check them out. So I wish I got other suppliers or adviced the current ones to reduce their prices for us to generate more sales.

men casual fashion

RebelsMarket: What lesson or advice would you share with other creatives seeking to start their own online or brick and mortar business?

Some advice I would give people out there is that it is important for you to do what you like, not what other people need. It is also good to broaden your target to the world, it will open up many opportunities for you. 

men fashion

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