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Festival Fashion Favorites From Firefly 2016

Teri Bildstein Update on 29-06-2018
Festival Fashion Favorites From Firefly 2016

For many, finding the perfect festival outfit has become as much a part of planning for a weekend of music as..well, the music! Firefly Music Festival was no different. 


​Festival Basics

A variety of styles at Firefly


As this trio (who happen to be siblings) show, festival style is as unique as the individual wearing the outfit.

While some are happy wearing comfortable cargo shorts and a vintage band t-shirt; others put a lot of thought into their ensembles. With the return of one day passes, Firefly attendees were able to plan single day concert outfits and skip the practicality camping plans normally bring with multi day festivals. 


BFF Fashion

BFF Festival Fashion found at Firefly 2016

These friends found an awesome way to give traditional BFF fashion a modern twist by contrasting the patterns between their cute party dresses and their festival fashion accessories 

You and your pals don't have to get matchy matchy to find each other in the crowd. Get creative with bold color separates, standout scarves, or a funny pop culture picket sign to find your pals when the lights go down and Kings of Leon go on!


Modern Boho

Festival Fashion - Boho Chic with a practical twist

Cute rompers and bib overalls were in abundance this year. This cute duo mixed elements of Boho fashion with practical boots and handy hip packs. Stacked rings and a simple choker finish the look with style. Florence and the Machine may set the bar for the onstage Boho fashion but you can certainly stand out in teh crowd.


Festival Fashion for Men

Mens Festival Fashion from Firefly 2016

Festival clothing for guys rarely gets the spotlight but these guys kept it fresh with a funny zombie tee paired with a retro hat and a lightweight pastel suit. Guys, when you are planning for your next concert, remember how easy it is to stand out in the crowd! I get that you are here for your favorite band but there's nothing wrong with a Festival Fling! You are sure to catch eyes with a bit of effort!


Light Up Your Style

Festival Fashion - TInkerbell Style!


EDM fans often feel the freedom to get creative with their outfits. Bring the neon! Bring the glowsticks! BRING THE LIGHT UP TUTU!!!! When Deadmau5 hits the stage, you will be ready to throw your head back and dance the night away.


Fringe and Braids

Braids are a great style option for festivals!

Standing out in the sun is WAY more fun when you do not have a mane of sweaty hair hanging in your face! This style is set off by summer ready fringe, mirrored shades, and solid boots! The perfect outfit for dancing to Ludacris in the midday sun!


Modern Grunge

A modern twist on grunge fashion at Firefly Music Festival

Possibly my favorite fashion find of Firefly! This modern take on grunge fashion is absolute perfection! A loose fit crop top, backwards baseball cap, plaid maxi skirt, and retro fish head sneakers 

I did feel for the number of people I saw rocking their fancy but flimsy shoes over more practical footwear. One festival season necessity you should never skip is the shoes!! Yes, knee-high gladiator sandals are ADORABLE!! Leave them home. It's just not worth the damage to your toes. Festivals are different than an evening out dancing. Even if you can groove all night in mile high stilletos - hiking between stages and getting close to the stage is a different beast all together. And you would NOT want to miss watching Travis Barker beat the snot out of his drum kit in the woods because your feet hurt! 

Who was your favorite performer at Firefly? Do you have a favorite concert outfit? Leave a photo in the comment section below!

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