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Get Lucky With These Good Luck Charms

Teri Bildstein Last update: 03-01-2019
Get Lucky With These Good Luck Charms

Though some people scoff at the idea of superstition, many others have developed traditions devoted to events that are based on belief in the supernatural. Many look forward to Friday the 13th as an excuse to set up a horror movie party for a date other than Halloween. Shirk tradition and neglect to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and you can count on some passerby jumping at the opportunity to sneak a pinch.

So whether you are a person who feels the need to ward off bad juju or you just want pad the odds of good luck in your favor, we have a list of good luck charms reported to keep prosperity on your side.


1- The Number 7 -

Considered the luckiest number; 7 is reported to keep the odds in your favor. Just ask anyone in Vegas.


2- Four Leaf Clover -


Not just for the Irish anymore. The clover has become an International sign of luck.



3- Horseshoe -


Among the superstitious, there are debates regarding the importance of horseshoe direction. The important part is, they all agree that horseshoes bring luck to a home.


4- Wishbones -  


Everyone is aware of the Thanksgiving wish tradition but did you know wishbones are considered good luck through the rest of the year?



5- Rabbit’s Foot -


This lucky symbol is a popular zipper pull for retro leather jackets.




6- Pig -


What began as a lucky animal in Chinese and German cultures has spread to provide a boost in prosperity through the world. Plus, they are adorable.





7- Dreamcatchers -


Designed initially to keep nightmares at bay, dreamcatchers have moved on from the bedside to make daily dreams come true.