Getting Inked For the First Time? Here's What You should Know...

Getting Inked For the First Time?  Here's What You should Know...

Deciding to alter your body forever is a huge commitment and one that you shouldn’t take lightly when you’re considering getting your first tattoo. But, once you have taken the time to think out a design that matters to you thoroughly, the hardest step is taken care of.

But, if you’re new to the world of tattooing, you may question how to get through your very first tattoo experience in the easiest possible way.

First and foremost, you need to find an artist that you can trust with your life because tattoos are there for the duration of your living days unless you get it covered up later down the line.

But, on that same token, if you think there’s even a slight possibility that you’ll get it covered up later, don’t get it, wait it out, and see if the design is one that you will want to stick around with. You need to realize that you cannot rush the design process, or you may be left wanting, after all, is said and done. 

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Once you find a reputable artist in your area that practices proper health protocols, allow him or her to draw up their interpretation of your design idea. While you can have them copy an image to your skin, allowing your artist to take a creative reign on your work will get them more excited to execute the design and making it far more personal for you.

Remember, when you’re at your first tattoo appointment, your artist will expect a certain amount of questions to be asked. Don’t be afraid to ask them a question or two before, during, and after your first tattoo appointment. Remember, you’re working with an expert in their field. If you are wondering how it will heal or care for your new tattoo, ask.

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The next step is considering the placement of your tattoo. Your artist will, of course, offer some suggestions. If you’re dead-set on a specific placement, you may not end up with the best possible tattoo experience you could have. Remember, your tattoo artist has a trained eye on how a design will flow with your body; give them a little room to work with.

A common rule of thumb with your first tattoo is to not haggle with your artist. Being thrifty may be great when you’re trying to go grocery shopping, but good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t necessarily good. You should also plan to give your artist a tip. The artists work hard to give you a lasting piece of artwork. Giving them a little extra now will help solidify the relationship if you choose to get more tattoos down the line. 

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When getting your first tattoo, one thing to remember is to properly take care of yourself the night before and the day of your tattoo. Make sure you’ve slept, eaten well, and have kept well hydrated. Steer clear of alcohol or drugs as arriving at the shop with impaired judgment may end with you being rejected.

Make sure you’re mentally prepared for your tattoo session. It’s hard to go into a new experience without really knowing what to expect. Everyone’s an expert with the pain of tattoos, but everyone’s experiences will be different based on their own personal pain threshold. It will, however, hurt but is well worth it.

There’s a saying that you earn your tattoos, and this one saying encompasses all that the tattoo community really is. It is also good to be prepared for a little bleeding; it’s just a part of the tattooing process. The amount you bleed will likely be much less than you had previously expected.

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If you have trouble coping with your tattoo experience, find a place of Zen in your mind, relax with some music, or try to think about your day. Other people may find it more helpful to focus on the pain as the tattoo machine is moved over their skin. Find what works for you, and stick with it.

Last but not least, allow your tattoo artist to give you instructions on caring for your new tattoo. Proper care of your tattoos will always ensure their longevity. For help finding an artist, you can search for professional quality artists around the world here