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Girls’ Night Out Playlist (For Nearly Every Occasion!)

Elana Pruitt Update on 28-06-2018
Girls’ Night Out Playlist (For Nearly Every Occasion!)


Is it time to call up your BFFs for a Girls’ Night Out? If so, then you’re probably all about the “pre-party” routine of getting ready together! Or,  if you’re more of a chick who prefers to do her hair and makeup by herself and then meet up with the girls for an early cocktail and snacks – you know the importance of having an awesome dance music playlist queued up!


It's all about pumping one another other up for a great night, so here are some playlist ideas for nearly every occasion – whether you turn these songs up before you hit the scene or request them from the DJ at your favorite hotspot:


“Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday!”


Party it up "In Da Club" like it's your birthday!



Since 2003, 50 Cent has been making us bounce to his party hit, “In Da Club.” And being that he starts the song with the line “Go, shorty…it’s your birthday….we gon’ party like it’s your birthday!” is enough to make this your birthday anthem year after year after year. Whether you’re into rap and hip-hop or not, you and your girls will start moving in ways you may never knew y’all could!




“Oh Girls Just Want To Have Fun!”


Turn up "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" for an awesome night!

The Fab Empire


The ultimate girlfriend bonding song that became insanely popular in the ‘80s – thanks to Cyndi Lauper’s version that was released in 1983 – “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” is all about letting loose, having fun, and living in the moment! Not really feelin’ a night out with the girls? Just play this as you get ready with them or even play on your way to the club/bar…and it’s pretty much safe to say that your frown will turn upside down. Sounds cheesy – but soooo true.




“So Let’s Just Keep On Dancin’!”


Girls' Night Out is super-fun when you're feelin' "Hella Good!"



You know that feeling when you’re head over heels into someone, and the two of you are going so well that you could just burst? Yup – it’s an awesome feeling. And one of the best ways to celebrate this newfound friendship or relationships is to put on the cute little black dress, go out with your BFFs, give them the goods of what’s happening with that special person, and let loose to the sounds of No Doubt’s 2001 hit, “Hella Good.” Because dancing in your joy feel amazing!




“At First I Was Afraid, I Was Petrified…”


Celebrate being single with the help of Gloria Gayner's 1978 hit, "I Will Survive!" 


The best way to live through a breakup (and not want to slit your wrists), is to empower yourself. One of the best ways to do this is to turn to music that will build your confidence and make you feel strong again. Whether it was your fault or your ex-flame’s fault – the pain can still burn. Fortunately, Gloria Gayner's 1978 song, "I Will Survive," will help you do just that…especially when you’re ready to turn the page and start anew. Play this with your girlfriends before you head out for the night, so you can let your tears flow and reapply your makeup in time!




“Let’s Have a Money Shower!”



Release your work stress during a Girls' Night Out with your BFFs!

Celebrity News


When the days feel long and you feel overworked, sometimes a Girls’ Night Out is what you need to regain a sense of self. ‘Cause the thing is, you’re not mad about making that dollar and having the funds to invest in cool clothes – you just want a little break and the chance to bask in your hustle. “Commas” (2014) by rapper Future is that one song you may not understand completely…but you totally get it.





“Now If We’re Talking Body…You Got a Perfect One…”


Show off your new look and self-confidence to the sounds of Tove Lo's music!



When you adopt a new hairstyle, try a new type of heels, or get a brand new rocker chic outfit one of the first things likely to be on your mind is: Girls’ Night Out! When you feel good, you look good…and when you look good, you naturally wouldn’t mind showing it all off! If you’re single, you’re bound to feel super ready to mingle – thanks to your rejuvenated sense of confidence and sexiness. So at some point during the night, make sure Tove Lo’s 2015 hit, “Talking Body,” is on blast…especially if you’re ready to explore someone else’s fire.





What’s on your Girls’ Night Out playlist? Feel free to share some of your favorites in a comment below!


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