Here's How You Can Rock the Steampunk Look In the Office

Here's How You Can Rock the Steampunk Look In the Office

Steampunk gained mainstream popularity as a subculture of the gothic scene. Though, unlike the mourning garb, steampunk fashion is all about dressing for technology, exploration, and science. It’s about an alternative future where science and earthly discoveries are the basic norms.

Do you still not understand? Well, imagine a world where everything was run by steam. There are a lot of industrial machines run by gears and brass. There are also a lot of explorers and scientists wearing earthly-toned clothes while seemingly excited about their next discovery. For the uninitiated, this is what steampunk is all about. It's kind of a future Victorian era set in a fantasy and fictitious realm.


Steampunk is seen more often at conventions than in corporate settings.



The most common place you can witness steampunk fashion is cosplay conventions. People into the trend usually dress as their favorite scientists, engineers, explorers, pilots and basically any professional that is related to tech. Or, they dress up as any sci-fi character, who is typically interested in discovering new realms.

It’s also easy to recognize steampunk. People into the subculture wear strappy belts, bloomer-style trousers, Victorian corsets, brass jewelry, and boots. While these statement pieces might not be the ideal for the office, you can still express yourself in the board room by incorporating some of their basic style staples.

But, how do you that? Read this article to find out.  



Let your Steampunk style shine with a Victorian hairstyle for work.



Hair is one of the most basic elements of your steampunk look and color is where you should get started. The only thing you need to remember is that steampunk is all about the futuristic, yet neo-Victorian, vibe. So, dye your hair in shimmery metallic colors such as brown, ivory, silver blonde, rose gold or any color that can give you a futuristic edge. If you have favorite sci-fi character, then dying your hair with her hair color could work too. Take, for instance, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Her rose-colored hair can make you look futuristic yet professional.

When it comes to styling your hair, choose vintage hairstyles. To incorporate the Victorian style, go with big curls, waves, and bangs. Or, if the 1950s is your main preference, then try pin curls and victory rolls. Don't worry if you do not know a thing. There's a ton of tutorials from Seamstress of Avalon on hairstyles such as Edwardian Hair, Late Victorian era, Civil War Hair and Gibson gals.

A simpler way to style your hair is to buy a hairpiece. Just form a high flat bun and clip it with the hairpiece, but be sure to curl some of the shorter layers on the side. The good thing about this style is that your hair is fashionably tied, so your hair won't get in the way of your work.


Gears and Brass Accessories

Gears and brass accessories let you rock a Steampunk look at work.

Cut Out + Keep


Steampunk's origins can be traced back to the Victorian era's take on the modern world. They imagined a world run by gears, brass, and industrial machines. Think propeller airplanes and steam trains. So, it makes sense that they would incorporate this into their jewelry. After all, whether it is the present or the future, it's always advisable to add a shiny edge to your everyday look.

When you are on the lookout for steampunk jewelry, think gears and brass. Gem-encrusted pendants or earrings with a gear design are both simple and stylish. Or, if you are into more practical accessories, then try out skeleton watches. The good thing about these accessories is that they go well with almost anything that you could wear at work. You can wear them with dresses, slacks, and skirts any day. The key to accessorizing is not to overdo it. Go to work with one or two types of accessories, such as a pendant and a watch. Since you're still in the office, it is not advisable to go all-out.


Galaxy Leggings

Galaxy leggings add a futuristic side to your work wardrobe.

Lipgloss and Leather


Lucky for you, prints are a must-have for any working woman. From skirts to blouses, all the way down to leggings, you have got to admit that everything looks better with prints.

The same goes with the boardroom. It's always advisable to play with prints. The only thing you have to look out for is the kind of prints you'll be donning at work. When it comes to recreating the steampunk look, galaxy leggings are the way to go. After all, there's nothing like the beauty of the universe all over your legs to make you stand out. Plus, they are stretchable and very comfortable.

To wear them at work, pair them with a black top. Black is a neutral color, so it goes well with almost any print. Minimalistic tops are key because the leggings are the ones which should draw people's attention.


Studded Heels

Steampunk shoes have exciting accents.



While it might be overboard to wear heels embellished with gears and brass to work, it is advisable to wear studded heels with a few machinery rivets. The fantastic thing about studs is that they're goth, and they're stylish, so you can wear them to work without feeling like you are out of place.

When choosing professional steampunk heels, the most basic thing is design. Choose silvery and gold colored studs. They do not have to be spiked and sharp. You can have a flat, square, or rounded studs to maintain the futuristic steampunk edge. Pair it with a black dress or any outfit. Just be sure that it does not clash with any color.


Black Corsets

Don't be afraid to add a Steampunk corset to your office attire.



When it comes to corsets, you might have a bit of hesitation. After all, the outfit has a very dark history. Women extremely tightened their corsets, to the point that they would faint, in order to achieve the irresistible S-shaped curves. Aside from the inhumanity of the piece, women's bodies were buried with tons of layers, which were both heavy and exhausting. In the 21st century, the times have changed.

Modern corsets are looser, since they often serve as an ornament that can be added to the top. Right now, women have embraced corsets both in the streets and at work. From street style stars such as Gigi Hadid who stepped out in a corset top, all the way down to Kim Kardashian's waist trainers-- it seems that corsets are an everyday look. Not surprisingly, they also seem to improve posture and body shape, in a way that is not as drastic as the 19th century.

The steampunk way of life can trace its origins back to the Victorian era, so it makes sense that corsets are a style staple for the steampunk look. While steampunk corsets draw too much attention, you can still channel your inner style through a black corset. You can pair a slip dress with a striped men's button down, then belt the corset on your waist. The trick is to use a simple corset so you can get away with a steampunk style at work.


Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are fun layering option for edgy fashion at work.



When you a have a beach body, the amazing thing about bodycon dresses is that they perfectly hug your sculpted figure. They make your look longer, they hug your waist, and they show some skin. So, if you know that you have an irresistible figure, then you can wear steampunk-themed bodycon dresses at work.

No, we are not talking about black gothic dresses. Think printed dresses filled with galaxy prints, earthy tones, or beautiful waves. The trick to choosing the print is to remember that steampunk is all about tech and discovery; so if it has a scientific or earthly element, that means you're still in style.

When wearing bodycon dresses at work, be sure that it is not too tight. After all, when choosing professional apparel, comfort should be your first priority. Wear it with your favorite blazer and nude heels, and you'll be ready to conquer any meeting.


Black Lace Dress

Add a touch of Steampunk to your work wardrobe with a black lace dress.

With Love From Kat


Since 19th-century steampunk fashion has Victorian elements, black gothic dresses are perfectly acceptable to maintain your personal style at work. No, we are not talking about floor-length gowns that are covered in ruffles. Think knee-length goth dresses with hints of lace, that are both stylish and perfectly professional. What is fantastic about lace dresses is that they are a timeless style staple that you could keep around for years.

When buying one, keep in mind that it should not look like a provocative lingerie. The lace should not show too much, in order to keep it professional. Pair the dress with a blazer to achieve a formal look. Studded heels will also look great.

Whether it is work, school or the streets, there are a lot of ways you can do to express your personal style. If you want to look like a steampunk professional, then take some of the tips from the articles. Simply take some of your subculture’s subtle statement pieces, then find a way to wear them to work. After all, when it comes to fashion, there are no limits to creativity.

Got any more tips for wearing steampunk at the office? Let us know by commenting down below! 


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