The History Of Hip Flasks

The History Of Hip Flasks

Have you ever been to a party and seen someone sipping from a hip flask? Did you think that was pretty rad?

Hip flasks are among the most popular items on RebelsMarket, and for good reason. We all love a good drink, and we all have occasions where we need to secrets stash our poison of choice. Today, we're talking about the history of hip flasks, and giving you a few of our favorites from our RebelMarket's stores.

Early Days

The hip flask as we recognise it today has been around since the 18th century; however they have been used in larger versions for centuries. Traditionally made of silver or glass, most modern flasks are made of stainless steel – although some are plastic, to avoid metal detection.

During the act of prohibition in 1920s America, a national ban on the production, sale and transportation of alcohol was led by the protestant Anti-Saloon league and established by a constitutional amendment. Possession and the consumption of alcohol were made illegal in many states up until 1933.

"Where on Manhattan Island can you buy liquor? ANSWER: In open saloons, restaurants, night clubs, drugstores, delicatessens, cigar stores, confectioneries, soda fountains, behind partitions of shoeshine parlors, back rooms of barbershops, from hotel bellhops, from hotel headwaiters, from hotel day clerks, night clerks, paint stores . . .importing firms, tearooms, moving van companies, boardinghouses, Republican clubs, Democratic clubs, laundries . ."

Even during prohibition, one could obtain liquor at any of these locations - which shows how high the want of alcohol was for many Americans. Prohibition was seen as a victory for public morals, but the “wets” – the anti-prohibitionists – criticised the alcohol ban as forcing religious ideals down the throats of the urban every-day.

The popularity of hip flasks surged in the 1920s, when social rebellion reached a high. Men and women started to carry flasks so they could drink discreetly. The sleek profile and contoured shape meant it was easy to slip a hip flask into pockets or to tuck into garters.

Despite the ease of alcohol purchase today - the hip flask remains as an iconic symbol of American culture, and today still serves the same discreet purpose, with a more fashionable edge.

“A Little Whiskey Makes Me Frisky”, from Trixie and Milo

whisky hip flask

This flask makes a great gift for someone special – original art on a stainless steel flask by Trixie and Milo. Image protected by high gloss laminate, meaning your masterpiece will last! Holds 8 oz. of fluid, is slim enough to fit a pocket or purse, and stylish enough to not want to hide!

Steampunk Tash, from Faustus70

steampunk mustache hip flask

Featuring the ever popular ‘stache’ in 3D sculpture, this steel flask holds 2 oz. of fluid, and is small enough to tuck in a belt, pocket or purse. Designed and created by metalartist Faustus 70.

Retro A Go Go ‘Bottoms Up’, from Inked Boutique

mermaid hip flask

A flask for the lady in your life – the mermaid is synonymous with beauty and peril, made popular in art and literature over centuries. This stainless steel, silver finished mermaid flask is decorated by a water-resistant drawing by Inked Boutique which covers the flask from top to bottom. Holds 8 oz. or eight shots of your favourite!

Silver Octopus Flask Inlaid Black Onyx Enamel, from Edwardian Renaissance

pirate hip flask

An antique styled flask made of silver and black mixed-metal. Brass plated sterling silver, also available in brass (burnished and verdigris) in hand painted enamel. Uniquely made, and with customizable background colours. Holds 6 oz. and comes with its own funnel, perfect for moving around. By Edwardian Renaissance.

“Magic Skull”, from Wicked Caribou

skull hip flask

Inspired by the Mexican favourite, the Magic Skull Tequila flask is made of high quality stainless steel and holds a huge 8 oz. of fluid. The image is protected by enamel to ensure the maximum lifetime of your product!

Lucky, Queen of Hearts, from Wicked Caribou

pin up hip flask

Drink with style, with Wicked Caribou’s take on the classic 1940s pin-up beauty! Holding 8 oz. of fluid, the Lucky, Queen of Hearts hip flask comes gift-wrapped, perfect for gifting – but who would want to? The image is water protected and the flask is made of high quality material.

Bottoms up! Can you name your favorite hip flask?