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How To Achieve The Glam Punk Look

How To Achieve The Glam Punk Look

The glam punk look is a daring, creative style that is all about fusing together two vastly different aesthetics. Combining the boldness and confidence of punk fashion with the glamour and sophistication of classic style, the glam punk look is a unique and iconic way to express yourself. Here's how to achieve this look.

Glam Punk is used to describe a short lived trend for bands which produced a form of punk that incorporated elements of glam rock, initially in the early to mid-1970s. Acts included New York Dolls and Harlots of 42nd Street.

Glam punk band

The Baby Dolls Glam Punk Band

The glam punk look is a girlish and rebellious style that is a great look to personalize and adapt to your own taste. Following on from the rock era, influenced by the greats such as the rolling stones, the punk movement was glamourized by the modern fashion industry, and was mixed with elegance to create the look.

This article will show you how to create a more casual glam punk look for the every day. To keep it casual you should start with a base, and accessorize to express your own personal taste.

Step One: The Outfit

  • Rock the look

Glam punk means wearing bright colors, glitter, spandex, leather, leopard print, neon’s, and satin.

Guys: Black jeans (or any other type of jeans, really), bullet belts and silver stud belts, leather jackets/denim vests (with all your band patches), leather studs and any simple T shirt. As for shoes, Doc martens, converse, or military-style shoes.

Glam punk men fashion

L-R: Striking & Luxurious Sleek Stud Leather Belt, Isle Of Wight Goth U.S Size Worldwide Free Shipping Boots, Darksoul Men Jacket Black New Style Mens Shirt Male

 Girls: Black skinny jeans, leopard print or patterned skirts, bullet and stud belts, band tees, leather anything, mesh and ripped mesh, and feel free to thrown in a bit of pink. Converse, Doc Martens, and military-style shoes are best.

Glam punk women fashion

L-R: White Skull Print Women Short Skirt, Stylish Leopard Montage Lace Up Chunky Heel Ankle Boots, Gothic Net Fishnet Stockings/ Pantyhose / Tights

Step Two: The Accessories

  • Mix it up

Feel free to mix up layers of formality into the rocker look. A tie or scarf can rock up the look. Punk jewelry will complete the glam punk fashion look.

Glam punk men accessories

L-R: Striking Star Embroidery Accent Long Round Tank, Silver Egyptian Celtic Knot Ankh Eternal Life Necklace, Vulture Skull Ring Sterling Silver Feather Band

Girls can have fun with this glam punk look by wearing a tutu with boots or feather earrings with fishnets. You will look so rockin’!

Glam punk accessories

L-R: Zarbie Dress Cupcake Cult, Silver Tentacle Necklace, New Rock Black Crucifix Ankle Boots

Step Three: Hair and make-up

  • Punk up the Volume

Cool body jewelry and piercings, glitter, rubber, vinyl, kilts, and tattoos - they all have a spot on the spectrum of punk. Your hair is your crown and so we won’t bore you with rules of what you should do with your hair. Let it express your unique personality. Have fun with it.

Glam punk piercing

Top - Bottom: Sky Blue! Surgical Steel Blue Diamante Piercing Long Spike, Vibrating Tharsher Blue Black, Nipple Shield Lucky 7

The Glam Punk look is really an adaptable one, and you can choose to keep it casual or dress it up, but remember it’s about expression and style, so confidence and personality is key. 

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