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How to Be A Pastel Goth Princess

How to Be A Pastel Goth Princess

Pastel Goth is flooding the internet, the fashion world, every subculture and the alternative fashion world: if you haven't noticed it, you're literally ignoring the pink elephant in the room (a very cute pink elephant) !

What is Pastel Goth? When did it start? Pastel goth is a mix of a gothic allure, grunge, and Harajuku. It's a natural evolution of the styles that have been trending in the last couple of years. When both gothic and the 90s make a come-back at the same time, pastel goth is what happens.

"Goth" it's part of the name just because pastel goth princesses love using esoteric symbols such as crosses, inverted crosses, pentacles, goat skulls and ouija boards. Black is not even that common in this style: pastel colors are usually preferred.

The 90s and grunge influence is clear especially about shapes and volumes: pastel goths love denim shorts, oversized sweaters, old fashioned cartoon prints, platform shoes and backpacks.

There's another strong key component to the look: kawaii. Kawaii literally means "cute" and it defines a whole range of styles in Japanese fashion. I mentioned Harajuku before, because that's the place where these subcultures meet on Sundays, in Tokyo.  Some kawaii styles are sweet lolita and decora. I feel like pastel goth is more inspired to decora, because of the dyed hair, the accessories overload, and the bright&pastel colors.

How to be a Pastel Goth?

Let's start from the top. Dyeing your hair a cute lavender would be amazing, but if you don't want to commit (and you have a job - and want to keep it) using a wig is a great idea! I'm loving this super kawaii wig.

Floral crown are also often used in pastel goth fashion! This one is sold on RebelsMarket and it's absolutely perfect for the look we're after! Rainbow roses on our princesses heads!

A pretty unicorn tee is a must for your pastel goth wardrobe!

We talked about grunge, so you can't miss the perfect galaxy print jumper and the perfect skeleton jumper!

Unlike kawaii Japanese fashion, here leggings - skinny jeans and shorts are much more used than skirts. So owning a pair of pastel denim shorts and some ultra kawaii printed leggings is a must!

Every true pastel goth has a bunch of statement necklaces. Put no restraints on your fantasies: skulls, pentacles, unicorns, skeletons, crosses, bats, words and names, dripping blood, bones, anything you can think of! A couple of ideas below:

A brooch:

You will need a kawaii bag to carry all your ritual stuff around! You know, candles, glitters, pentacles, candies... all this stuff is heavy!

And last but not least, a cool pair of platform boots to stand above all and be a pastel goth queen! The evergreen Demonia Ranger and another pair of rounded point boots, a pair of gorgeous Hello Kitty pumps and a pair of galaxy print sneakers for your everyday pastel goth outfits!

What do you think about Pastel Goth? Post your comments and ideas below..