How to Care For Your New Tattoo

How to Care For Your New Tattoo

You’ve sat in the chair for an hour or more, you’re ready and waiting to go home, but you must learn how to care for your new ink before you hit the road to home. But, if you didn’t take the time to learn about it during your appointment or may have forgotten a step or two, some research can never hurt.

First and foremost, please remember that the healing of a tattoo is an extremely personal experience. While there are definitely similarities in the healing process to other people, it definitely depends on your body. Remember, if you suspect an infection at any point during your tattoo’s healing process, go to the doctor or consult your tattoo artist for recommendations on tattoo-friendly doctors in your area.

It’s great to tough things out, but you absolutely must take care of your tattoo, and that includes watching for infection. Remember, the care of your tattoo doesn’t stop after it’s healed; there are maintenance and love that goes into ensuring the longevity of your new ink.

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Things to consider when you get your tattoo;

  • Your tattoo artist will thoroughly clean the tattoo after your appointment is finished and put ointment on it. They will then bandage the area. You should plan on keeping this bandage on for 1 to 2 hours after your appointment to allow your tattoo to settle. (This is an important step that keeps dirt and germs away from the fresh wound)

  • After 1-2 hours, wash your hands thoroughly, then remove the bandage carefully. Make sure you’re not pulling off any stuck-on areas. If you need to, get a moist paper towel and gently get the bandage to release on its own.

  • Do not soak your tattoo at all while it is healing. Steer clear of baths and stick to showering during this time.

  • Use luke-warm water to wash your tattoo with a mild scent-free antibacterial or antimicrobial soap.

  • Apply some ointment such as Bacitracin, A&D, or H2Ocean to your new tattoo. Make sure this is applied in a very thin layer over the tattoo. Apply this a few times per day until any major scabbing has naturally sloughed off. (Note: Do not use Neosporin. Steer clear of any healing accelerators as it may damage the ink)

  • Do not scratch your new tattoo.

  • After the scabbing has stopped, you can switch to non-scented lotion to keep the skin moist during healing. After about 7 days (depending on your own healing speed), your tattoo should be fully healed.

Things you should NOT do to your new tattoo;

  1. Do not scratch or pick at your new tattoo; this can cause infection and loss of ink.

  2. Do not use heavily perfumed lotions or sprays on your tattoo.

  3. Do not use irritants on your tattoos, such as makeup, glitter, or deodorant.

  4. Do not use any healing accelerants.

  5. Do not wear any tight-fitting clothing that can irritate the skin.

  6. Do not touch your tattoo with dirty hands while it’s healing.

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Things you should do to your new tattoo:

  1. Do keep your tattoo clean with mild non-scented soap.

  2. Do contact your doctor or tattoo artist if you have any concerns.

  3. Do wear loose clothing.

  4. Do wear sun-block over your tattoo after it’s healed.

  5. Do get any necessary touch-ups throughout the life of your tattoo.

  6. Do let your tattoo artist know if you have any concerns.

One thing to keep in mind while your tattoo is healing; it is perfectly normal for the area to be slightly bruised after your tattoo session. This should fade after a couple of days. Think of your healing tattoo as severe sunburn.

While the tattooing process does open up many micro-cuts, they are notorious for healing like a burn. This is completely normal. That being said, you should watch for any excessive red around the edge of your tattoo, as this may be a sign of infection.

Always make sure you are working with a trusted, professional tattoo artist. If you need insight on that, take a few minutes to know how to find a tattoo artist and thank us later.  To find one close to you, you search