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How to Dress Goth For A Dinner Date.

How to Dress Goth For A Dinner Date.

A date at a fancy venue – or your would-be paramour's house – gives you great incentive to wear your finest Goth attire. Whether you prefer Victorian-era Goth attire or a more modern look, Goth fashion is generally slimming and flattering for all body types.

Women – Victorian Clothing

To pull off an authentic Victorian outfit, you'll need to invest in a few versatile and essential items. A dress in black or dark blue or purple with a wide, full-length skirt and square neck or button-up front captures that funeral vibe. Or, you can go for a skirt paired with a white or black button-up shirt with a high collar, puffy shoulders and long sleeves.

Choose black or white Victorian heels, which are generally made of leather or metal and include a pointed toe, narrow fit and low heel of about 1 1⁄2 inches. 

goth victorian women fashion

In fall, winter and spring, a bolero jacket with or without buttons in black or brown is a tasteful accompaniment to your ladylike outfit. For fabric, a sturdy cotton, linen or brocade works best.

No throwback Goth outfit is complete without your corset. Simple white, black and dark colors work best, though a subdued floral brocade with gold or silver details is very appropriate and beautiful as well. An underbust fashion corset – that is, a corset without steel boning – works fine, but spring for a fully steel boned corset if possible. Handmade is even better. Consider a high-quality overbust corset to wear over a skirt without any undershirt for a truly bewitching look.

Women – Modern Clothing

For a more modern look, choose a dress or skirt that's short to knee length. Pair a skirt with a top with lace or gauzy details, or find a dress with fringe, cobweb-like elements or a layer of lace. The fewer graphics or patterns - except for floral patterns - the more dressed-up you'll be. Combat boots and any kind of heels, even stilettos, will add to your allure.

Retro and modern meet in the recently-developed Gothic Lolita trend. A formal, yet adorable, doll-like outfit will charm your dates' socks off. Wear a black jumper over a black or white blouse, or show yourself off in a dark-colored dress with lace and ribbon details. Knee-high socks and Mary Jane high heels or high-heeled boots complete the darling look.

goth women clothing

Women – Accessories

Gothic women's accessories suit every possible taste. For headwear, a Lolita-style mini top hat – a fascinator – or even a veil add attraction to your look. Lace gloves or more modern finger gloves decorate your digits. Finally, don't miss the universe of jaw-dropping Gothic jewelry, from imaginative Alchemy Gothic pieces to basic crosses, moons, pentagrams and more on necklaces, earrings, bracelets and piercings. Wear one or two stunning pieces to draw your date's eye wherever you want it to go.

goth women accessories

Men – Victorian Clothing

Careful attention to detail when you prepare your Victorian outfit is guaranteed to make your lover swoon, and not only because she's wearing a tight corset! Choose a well-fitted white or black button-up shirt, and make sure to button it up all the way to the neck. Alternatively, a poet-style blouse with a front ruffle and loose sleeves is appropriately Romantic. Tuck your shirt into dark trousers that come up to the waist and have skinny legs, and wear either a dark button-up waistcoat or, for the more adventurous, a tasteful men's corset. In cooler months, opt for either a short bolero-style jacket or a longer button-up jacket with tails.

goth men clothing

For footwear, a pair of dark button-up boots with a 1” to 2” inch heel is most authentic, though any military-style leather or faux-leather boot will do. For the highest Goth points, dare to sport a top hat and cane. Or, entrance your date with a red shirt and black cape for a deliciously vampiric look.

Men – Modern Clothing

Men's modern Goth clothing is heavy on graphic and band tees, but there are ways to dress up the look for a date. Opt for a simple industrial look with a plain black tee, black pants and black boots, or sport a more creative top or jacket with details like large buttons, D-rings and chains that brands such as Tripp dream up regularly.

goth men clothing

Men – Accessories

Goth men usually can't go wrong with spiky wristwear and collars, but they aren't exactly conducive to touching your date. Ear plugs and studs and classic Gothic crosses or pentagrams on neckwear and rings let you parade your personality even in a slightly formal setting. 

goth men fashion

Finally, whether you're a Victorian or neo-Goth, peruse the wonderful world of pocket watches to find a design that catches your fancy. These nifty, retro gadgets instantly add style to any outfit and even manage to make checking the time look cool.

Hats off to every Goth going out and hunting for their perfect mate. Choosing the right wardrobe will give you confidence, put your personality on display and set the tone for any date, whether formal, casual or just purely romantic – why go out to dinner when you can cuddle at home?

What do you think of our fashion suggestions? What Goth clothing have you worn on dates, or what would you like to wear in the future?