What To Wear When You Have Back Tattoos

What To Wear When You Have Back Tattoos

Are you looking for ways to show off your gorgeous back tattoos? Well, you are in luck! In this article, we will give you tips on how to dress to show your back tattoos in style. From the perfect cut to the right accessories, you'll be sure to turn heads with your fashionable look. So, let's take a look at the best ways to dress to show off your back tattoos!

If you’re a tattooed lady chances are high that at least one of them is on your back. Highlighting and accentuating your back tattoos (or concealing when necessary) is what this article is all about!


How To Show Off Your Back Tattoos:

It’s summer time, which means it’s time for some backless fashion. Simple halter top or a deep plunging backless dress - it’s your choice. It’s also a fun time to experiment, since today we have various temporary options such as flash tattoos and henna, so there really is no reason not to try this trend, at least on a festival or on a vacation, and we’ll tell you just what to wear to show it off!

Whether you have colorful or black and white ink, the position and style of your tattoo, or even those metallic temporary ones, the size and the occasion are all factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding which silhouette and material to choose when accentuating your tattoos.

The summer is the right time to show some ink since you’re probably going on a holiday, or you at least have some days off, so it’s time to let loose a bit and show what you got!

Back pieces can be incredibly sweet and sensual, or you can go all out and cover the whole back – it can be easily hidden anyway.

When choosing the placement of your tattoo we recommend considering your hairstyle first, since it’s something you wear every day. We mean this especially for upper back tattoos, since those are the most common ones.




Short hair helps give a full view of your beautiful back tattoo.

Image Credit : Things and Ink 

If you’re rocking short hair, then you don’t have to worry about how to show the tattoo. If on the other hand, you have extremely long hair or extensions, you can always pull them towards the front, so that you leave your back uncovered. If you’re somewhere in between, you’re gonna have to  pull your hair up in some sort of a hairdo, from a higher ponytail (the easiest solution) to an extremely popular and hard to achieve messy bun, to some kind of an elegant pin-up hair style for more formal events.

Next thing you have to consider is of course the cut of your top – such as the back lines and the sleeves. The lower the back line the better, and of course sleeveless tank tops would be ideal, but, as you’re about to see, there are many solutions that include “keyholes” in various places in the back, so you don’t necessarily have to go backless or sleeveless.

The next factor to consider is the material. If you want to gently accentuate your tattoo for an evening look, we recommend see-through materials such as lace, and, currently very trendy, mesh. They can make tattoos look very subtle and elegant, without them being in-your-face and showing too much skin.

Now about the colors – if you have vibrant colored body art you should pair it with neutrals, and if you have black and white tats you can accentuate them with a colorful outfit. Also, you can match the colors of the outfit to the ones on your tattoo, the idea is to compliment, not to clash.

How To Hide Your Back Tattoos:

One of the greatest advantages of a back tattoo is that it can be easily hidden, especially if you have a strict dress code at the office. The lower the tattoo –the easier to hide. Now, we’re guessing, since you chose the back for the placement of your tattoo, you probably want to be able to hide it on some occasions. Although the community is much more open for tattoos today than it was ten years ago, there’s still some prejudice out there.


Back tattoos are easy to conceal for conservative occasions.

Image Credit : Le Happy 


Opt for a classic suit - white shirt and a darker blazer, just be careful that the collar isn’t too low, since women usually wear their hair up in the workplace. Also, if you’re wearing your shirt without a blazer over it, make sure that the color isn’t too light and the material is not too thin so that it’s see-through. Other than that, you’re pretty safe.

Anyway, since you probably paid some good money for your back piece, you’ll also want to show your work of art – nothing wrong with that, and we’re going to show you just the right ways to do it! In the rest of the article, we’re going to give you some suggestions about what to wear depending on the occasion and the placement of your tattoo.


Styling Ideas Based On Where Your Back Tattoo Is Placed:

Back tattoos come in a variety of sizes and can be inked in different parts of your back. Let's take a look at style ideas based on occasion and exactly where the tattoo is placed.


Upper Back Tattoos

The most common place for a tattoo and easiest to reveal. Pull your hair up and wear a top with a lower back line. However, your back doesn’t have to be plain and boring, there are many variations and details to compliment your tattoo. Luckily, many dresses and tops have interesting details and cutouts in the back.



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Be witchy cool with a backless lace up dress with a stars and moon print. Pull your hair to the side and wear with some thigh-highs and ankle booties for an everyday nu-goth look.





Image Credit:
 Chain Heavy


Modern jewelry can go literally everywhere, so why not accessorize your open back with a body chain? 


Lace skull tops are a fun way to display your back tattoo.
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One of the most interesting pieces for the back is the trendy lace skull. Find one, so your tattoo will be more visible. Pair with some killer heels for a night out, or some lace-up flats during the day.



Back tattoos look stunning with a beautiful corset top.
Image Credit: DeviantArt


This delicate lace overbust corset (or any type of corset with a lower back line) will show off your upper back tattoo in a classy way. Keep your hair tied in an elegant retro up do and add a hair flower for a pin-up look.


Rhianna displays a back of the shoulder tattoo with elegance.
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Rihanna is looking super elegant in a sparkly one-shoulder black lace gown with her hair tied in a side braid, showing off the tiny stars extending down from her neck. Add contrasting earrings for an even more glamorous evening look.


A little black dress with cross straps is a trendy way to show off your back tattoo.
Image Credit:  Pinterest


A trendy little black dress with cross straps is suitable for almost any occasion – from beach party to a night on the town, and is sure to show your upper back, just keep the hair out of the way. Wear it with high platform sandals.



Be yourself on your wedding day! Opt for a gown that works with your back tattoos.
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For a tattooed wedding, pick a white crochet back dress, to keep the look subtle (after all, you will be having older members of the family at your reception, so keep it classy). Tie your hair in an elegant retro up-do and add some sparkly white earrings.


Center back tattoos

Center back pieces are usually larger and it’s hard to show the whole piece, but modern dresses have “keyholes” in just the right places so you don’t have to bare the entire back.




Show off a back tattoo with cute floral dresses.
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Wear a floral number with a matching clutch and an elegant bun for summer days.



Draw attention to back tattoos with a sweet bow backed dress.
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Another popular trend is a cute mini dress or a blouse with an open back ending with one huge bow. For this sensual daytime look, add some neutral platform sandals or flats and pull your hair up in a messy bun.


Body jewelry can draw the eye to your beautiful back tattoo.
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Another example of the body jewelry - look how beautifully the body chain frames the tattoo! Perfect for the beach (don’t forget to take off your jewelry when going into the water though!)



Let your back tattoo become a statement accessory for formal affairs.
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With these trendy backless beaded you practically need no jewelry! Wear them with some patent pumps for a night on the town or any formal event, and remember to pull your hair to the front to show the beautiful back piece!


Unique cutout fashion can frame your back tattoo.
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Try a heart cut out top or dress. Add a pencil skirt and a cute ponytail for a lunch date or even a more casual work outfit.



Don't cover your tattoos on your wedding day! Choose a gown that let's your true self shine.
Image Credit: 
Phil Chester

Again, a more understated style, only this time the lace is covering the whole back. Since this look is pretty much all about the tattoos, keep it simple and natural with a flower crown and hair pulled back in a wavy ponytail.


Lower Back Tattoos:

Lower back tattoos are usually the hardest to show without baring your whole back or looking trashy. Don’t worry, we found some classy ways for you to rock them, without the risk of being accused of having a “tramp stamp”.



A low plunging waist will put your back tattoo on full display.
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With a vintage inspired, maxi dress you will look boho chic without feeling naked. Suitable for any time of day, just pull your hair to the side, add a hat, and some chunky-heeled booties.


Dresses are available with unique cutouts to help showcase back tattoos.
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We’ve already mentioned there are dresses with holes in just the right places, so a bodycon dress is perfect for the beach or the club, and completely covered up at the top. Wear with some natural, beachy waves, colorful bracelets and casual sandals.



You do not have to cover your back tattoos for formal events.

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The straps add interest to your tattoo without covering it too much. For a dinner date or a party, pair with matching lace-up sandals or simple black heels.




A backless lace dress is an elegant option to show off back tattoos for formal events
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Although this is a pretty revealing wedding dress, the lace and the delicate body chains with beads keep it understated and feminine. Perfect for a more casual beach wedding!


Side Back Tattoos:

Tattoos placed on the left or right side of your back are pretty easy to show just like center pieces, and though you can always wear racer back tops or tie back tops, we’ve found some more creative ways:



Keep it casual with a slip dress to show off your back of the shoulder tattoo
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Go bra-less and you will embody the true boho spirit – sensual and free! Wear a strap back white dress with a wide-brimmed hat.


A one shoulder dress can let your back tattoo shine!
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Keep it witchy-glam by adding a hat and some golden chains for a charming look any time of the day!



A plain white gown will allow your back tattoos to stand out at formal events.
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Try a low back flowy dress for an uptown event.Wear it with an elegant up-do and some kitten heels for a dinner date.



There is no reason to hide your back tattoo during your wedding.
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You can always pick an unusual wedding dress showing most of your back. Since this is already a pretty extravagant look for a wedding, you can add just a pair of black gloves as an accessory.

As you can see, in the summer, you can have endless fun showing off your real or temporary tattoos!


Do you have any tattoos? What’s your favorite way of showing them? Comment below!