How to Dress Your Child In Alternative Clothing For School

How to Dress Your Child In Alternative Clothing For School

If you sit back and envision your teenage or childhood years, you may not look back on your parent’s clothing choice as fondly as you may wish you could. It wasn’t uncommon in the 80’s or 90’s for children to be dressed to the 9’s in clothing they’d otherwise want to forget later in life. Fortunately, long gone are the days where parents had to dress their kids in the same t-shirt and jeans as everyone else as there are options now especially in the alternative clothing lines.


Alternative clothing for kids can be good.


Many designers have finally taken heed in the wants of alternative parents who wanted options to choose from when dressing their children. Whether that is for infants or teenagers, each and every fashion subculture has their own spin on cool children’s clothing for parents and kids to choose from.

Some of the more popular alternative children’s clothing styles are:


Of course the traditional gothic look is easily translatable to children’s clothing. This goes for almost all subcultures of Goth fashion from Victorian era Goth to Industrial.


Punk is a staple in alternative cultures, so it’s no wonder that it’s made a viable and fun children’s clothing line that gives the bird to conventional children’s clothing.


Moustaches, coffee, and music, all are paid tribute to in hipster clothing for children.


Baggy jeans, skate shoes, and graphic t-shirts, the skater subculture is a great one to lean toward if you don’t want to go to the extremes.


Goth and Punk are styles some kids will gravitate towards


Of course most of these genres of clothing have been tamed down quite a bit to create an overall appealing and family-friendly aesthetic for a children’s clothing line. Some of the common pieces you’ll find for the alternative child would be T-shirts, onesies, tank tops, jeans, shorts, tutus, hats, bandannas, and shoes. Of course it isn’t limited to this, but, it’s really hard to go wrong with these childhood staples, especially if you want to dress your infant with an alternative flair.


Hipster clothing isn't just for grownups anymore!


Of course as your child gets older, you should allow them to have some input on what they want to look like. However, I have yet to find any child who hasn’t gravitated toward an edgier alternative look if they’re allowed to. Skulls and crossbones, super heroes, sassy sayings, to more whimsical designs, the whole nine yards are available for kids to pick from.


Gothic clothing is available for all ages!


Sizing of course is important, even when you’re looking for alternative clothing for children, especially if you want to send them to school in their new outfits. Familiarize yourself with sizing charts since most of your alternative clothes shopping will be done online, especially if you have a child who is in grade school or younger. Alternative fashion should still be comfortable for your child throughout the day and be non-restrictive.


A little swag for the kids never hurt anyone.


The biggest thing to remember when dressing your child in alternative clothing is to keep moderation in mind. Yes, dressing them up like a mini-me is absolutely fun in most cases, but, don’t let your kiddo lose their own style in the process (At least, this is the case for your older children). Make sure that you’re also keeping any school dress codes in mind while picking alternative clothing for children. While it is fun to push the envelope with clothing and allow your child to express themselves with how they look, it is important to remember that they still need to dress appropriately for school and for some daycares.


Skater kids love fashion too.


Lastly, accessorize! Accessorizing your child’s outfit will help to pull the look together. Whether that is with a hat, a fun studded belt, or a great pair of new sneakers; accessories can play a huge role in taking their alternative style up a notch or two. Just remember, hair is also a fun accessory, play with hairstyles that screams “alternative” without being too distracting in the classroom.

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