How to Look Cute On Your Road Trip Adventure

How to Look Cute On Your Road Trip Adventure

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When thinking about road trips, there are often two kinds of people. Firstly, there are the people that don't mind getting down and dirty, letting their hair run wild and who don't mind sleeping in the cramped back seat of a car.

I am not one of these kinds of people.

And I know for a fact that I am not alone in this second group of people. We are the kind of people that still want to look cute at the end of a day of traveling (and would rather limit our use of public by-the-side of the highway truck-stop bathrooms). But that doesn't mean we have to stick to staying at home. No way! Here are the important pieces to pack to stay cute on your trek into the wilderness or the heart of America.


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The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great for days when you can't be bothered to mix pot-holes and eyeliner. Just pop on some shades and no one will know any differently. They're also perfect for the beach (who knew?) or holding back your hair when you're, say, changing a tire!


Leggings - perfect for day to night!

Sexy black leggings are probably the most comfortable, go-to road trip attire ever. Sitting in a car for four hours is almost bearable when you're wearing nothing but stretchy jersey! Pair printed leggings with an oversized vintage t-shirt or fancy them up with corset style stitching up the legs or a mettalic sheen. And if you need to change to a night look quickly, just throw on sexy black heels with a little black dress over the top of skull print leggings. Leggings are the perfect piece for day to night because they're super comfortable but come in so many different styles.

Check out these leggings and more pastel goth leggings here.


A Sweet Summer Dress

For some of you a cute summer dress might feel a little too feminine. But that doesn't have to be! They're far too versatile to be boxed into one style. Think of the 90s style dresses. Grunge queens like Courtney Love or the Kinderwhore babes like Kat Bjelland rocked combat boots and grunge slip dresses in their punk rock shows. Change it up later with a pair of tall black platforms for a nighttime look that'll kill (I promise).



Checkout this bikini and more swimwear here.

You can't forget sexy swimwear on a road trip. Actually, we're pretty sure during most road trips swimwear becomes more than just what you wear in the ocean. Throw on a pair of tiny denim shorts and a skull print bikini- you're both beach ready and have a cute summer outfit. What with bralettes and bandeaus being such a huge staples in most alternative wardrobes, what's really the difference? The same with a strappy one-piece bathing suit - it's basically a sexy bodysuit!


The Makeup Bag

When talking makeup supplies let's not beat around the bush!

You'll need a matte lipstick - they're easy to find, last all day and you won't have hair sticking to your face, opt for a tinted moisturiser over a full coverage foundation - you don't want foundation melting all over the place, and if you do need a little more coverage include a good concealer. Finish it off with the perfect cat-eyeliner if you're feeling adventurous, and you're all set for any time of day (although I would forgo the beach, while wearing makeup!).

A Leather Jacket

Image VIA Megan Marrs

Ah, black leather jackets! There's a reason they're so renouned as one of the most essential punk wardrobe pieces - and that's not because they're totally badass. They're great for keeping you warm at night, thick so that during your long hikes you don't get all scratched up. Black motorcycle jackets are also hopelessly stylish, whether yours is covered in embroidered flowers or punk patches, they make any outfit - day or night.


The Vintage Band Tee

Check out these t-shirts and more here.

Who doesn't love a good band t-shirt? At the end of the day they're comfortable and don't have to be boring! There are styles of t-shirt out there for any kind of person - throwback to old vintage television shows for some laughs, dress up your boyfriend's shirtsdeconstruct your t-shirt into a safety pinned mess (we love it!) or go simple but bold with a block color or print. 


A Pop of Color

Photo by John Mark Arnold

And if there's still a little room left in your suitcase, it can't hurt to throw in a little color! Whether that's your favorite purple lipstick or a tartan scarf, we know that when you're traveling there's always a little part of you that wants to settle back down at home. So, take that little piece of home with you. Even if you're a black on black kind of girl or guy, we know it'll still bring some color to your life.


In the end, a road trip is all about fun! Hopefully we've taken all of the hard work out of packing for your road trip adventure, so you can spend more time planning your vacation playlist and all of those kickass things you're going to do! Oh, and before you go! Just remember that no matter what happens - whether your eyeliner dries out or you get mud on your favorite summer dress - it's all about the experience. No matter what, we think you look cute as hell!

Have we missed any of your essentials? Let us know in a comment because we don't want to be left unprepared for our own road trips this summer!

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