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How To Remain True To Yourself While Dating

Belle Morte Published On: 16-07-2015
How To Remain True To Yourself While Dating

It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re wrapped up in trying to impress someone new, but, that’s something that we should all fight against, losing our true selves for the sake of another person. One thing you need to realize is that if you do lose yourself, and if the relationship does progress, to maintain the relationship you’re going to have to remain masked throughout, and ultimately, you’re going to end up unhappy about the situation.


Don't get lost in a new romance.


Nurturing a new relationship, even if it’s just for a date or two, is absolutely necessary, but when you tend to yourself and allow yourself to be true to your personal nature, you won’t have to wonder if the person is falling for you, or for the face that you’ve shown them.

Some tips on how to remain true to yourself while dating are:


Stay true to your nature.


Just as said above, we know that it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment with a new partner. But, you need to remember that you have a great deal of value. Don’t always focus on your new partner; find a synthesis between your partner’s happiness and your own. You should work together to form a cohesive bond that’s grounded in trust and honesty.

Don’t shirk your other responsibilities such as work, school, dreams, or goals just to keep your partner happy. Remember, these are all things that hold a great deal of value in who you are.


Be Yourself


Don’t ditch your friends.


It’s easy to want to spend all of your time with a new partner, but, if they’re the only person you see, you may find that you get annoyed easier at everyday things. Make sure you are making time for your friends like you would have prior to being in a relationship.


Keep Your BFF


Remember that family is important.


Along the same line as keeping ties with your friends, always remember that spending time with your family is paramount to a healthy relationship. While this may not always be the case for everyone, there is a social normalcy about spending time with family. Yes, you can include your beau or girl to your family get-togethers, but, making sure you’re spending one on one time with your family is important too.

If you’ve made Saturday plans with your family months ago, don’t just ditch it because you now have a plus one to add.


Family Time



Don’t ditch your hobbies and interests.


It’d be great if every couple could share all of the same hobbies, but the likelihood of this happening is fairly small. Make sure you maintain your personal interests and hobbies throughout the relationship. Yes, you will want to make sure you can spend some quality time with your partner; but, you also need some “me” time at some point in the relationship.


Maintain your hobbies and crafts


Give yourself time to miss one another.


Too many couples just don’t know when to quit. It is a constantly boiling pot that will ultimately spill over if they don’t take time apart. Time together is important, but so is giving one another a little bit of space. Let one another spend time with friends, family, hobbies, and even just give each other time to spread your wings separately.

The time to miss one another is absolutely paramount to solidifying your relationship. It not only shows trust, but allows each party to truly understand the depth of their feelings for one another.


Take some alone time


Don’t be too available.


Availability is great, but if your every waking breath is about your partner, then you’re going to lose yourself. You need to give yourself time to accomplish everything you need to get done during the day. If you are too afraid to make solid plans because your partner may want you to be around, then you’re already slowly slipping away.

Your partner will be understanding if you’ve made plans, if you need some space, or have some things to get done, tell them!


Keep Busy


Have you ever known someone who gets lost in relationships? Share your stories in the comments below!


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