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How To Rock A Short Dress When You Are Plus-Size

How To Rock A Short Dress When You Are Plus-Size

Are you a plus-sized woman who loves to rock a short dress? Do you feel like you don't have the right body type to pull it off? Don't worry! Wearing a short dress can be an empowering and stylish experience for all body types. In this article, we'll discuss how to rock a short dress when you are plus-size and show you some tips and tricks to make sure you look and feel your best. So, let's get started!

Is it possible to rock a short dress regardless of what size you carry? Of course it is! You can rock a short dress at any size as long as you do it right. After all, plus-size only means that you have more beautiful curves to work with and there is a lot you can do with a curvaceous body let me tell you. A full figured gal can bring the world down with the right dress and some heels. Remember to think good thoughts about yourself because your thoughts control a lot. Love all your curves because you are beautiful and remember, many people get surgery to look like you. Be proud! 

Let' get started!

Enhance your best feature

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According to you which is your best feature? Do you have a beautiful hourglass figure? Is your bum fabulous? Do you have legs that go on for days? Do you have a chest other people would kill for? Whatever it is, it is your asset and if you know how to work it, you will be unstoppable. Remember this for the next step.

Find the perfect style for you

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If you could pick any dress, which one would you pick? What kind? Do you like A-line dresses? Or perhaps a figure friendly and flattering dress like the ones Kim Kardashian always rocks? Maybe you fancy a dress with a tight top and pencil skirt bottom? Whichever style you prefer, ask yourself if it enhances your best feature. If it does, you're good to go, if not, maybe it's just not for you. Sometimes we all must face the fact that what looks good on the rack doesn't necessarily look good on us.

Dress to match the occasion

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When are you planning to wear the dress? Will you require a formal dress or a dress for everyday use? This matters because there are so many fabrics you can choose from and some are more appropriate for daily use while some are perfect for when you truly wish to shine. It is not that you can't wear a formal dress in an everyday fashion. It is merely a bit of a waste to do so as that would remove a lot of the excitement one may feel over getting to dress up and wear something special. In other words it would turn something extraordinary into something ordinary.

Do not be afraid to use colours

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Black always works, that much is true, but dressing stylishly in happy colours is a show stopper. Which is your best colour? How can you combine that colour with other colours? Use a colour wheel and see. When you've done that place your thumb on your best colour. The colour opposite it is the best contrasting colour and combining the two will take your outfit to a whole new level. This styling secret is a sure way for you to turn heads and gain compliments and confidence.

Stockings, bare legs or leggings

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This depends on the occasion, your style and what you are comfortable with. For anything formal, stockings are just about mandatory. When you want to be more casual it is more about what suits the dress and what you're in the mood for. A summer dress with bare legs is stunning but if you'ren ot comfortable with those stockings gives a bare look while not making you feel too exposed. Leggings work if you are feeling playful, if it’s chilly outside or if you want a cooler look. Knee high socks could also be an option for you though I do not recommend over-knee socks as they tend to roll down very easily.


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Combine your dress with the right accessories. If you want a perfect colour match between your dress and the accessories, make sure it is absolutely the same colour. If you want to mismatch, do it perfectly with contrasts. Whichever way you wish to go, give it 100% and the outcome will be stunning.

Confidence, confidence and confidence

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Regardless of style, outfit and occasion this is and forever will be the best advice you'll ever follow. Nothing makes people smile like a beautiful person with a smile on their face, brimming with confidence. Everyone has the ability to look great, they just need to come to terms with that and not fear being seen as beautiful. Having great confidence means having the world at your feet. It means you can do anything any day of the week because you are strong and confident enough to handle it. A full figured woman in a beautiful short dress with a confidence and a smile on her face will make anyone turn around and look twice.

Now go out and rock that short dress!



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