How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Halloween Party

Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate Halloween this year? Throwing a Halloween party is the perfect way to gather your friends and family to enjoy the spooky season. Whether you want to go all-out with decor and costumes or keep it low-key with a few snacks and games, throwing the ultimate Halloween party is easier than you think. Here are some tips to help you plan the best Halloween bash ever.

To throw the ultimate Halloween party, you need a great combination of music, food, drinks, invitations, and decorations. This list will give you a great place to start for everything you need to pull it off.

It doesn't need to cost a lot for your party to be unique, and most DIYs don't take very long to make. The key ingredients to an awesome Halloween bash are effort and fun!


Music ideas for the ultimate Halloween party
E!Wallpapers Craft

Find an awesome Halloween playlist with a ton of variety that will please every guest, no matter their musical tastes! You won’t get bored with classics like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to newer releases like "Carousel" by Melanie Martinez.


Food ideas for the ultimate Halloween party
Eat Drink Pretty

For a great selection to have at your Halloween party, have an assortment of appetizers and desserts for people to snack on. This will lessen your responsibility for making a full meal but keep your guests satisfied and full. For every fall-themed dessert you need to make for your party, we have ideal options that you may want to try ou! If you're trying more creative ideas with the desserts, keep the appetizers simple, like pigs in a blanket dipped in "blood" (ketchup).

Table Set-Up

Table decor ideas for the ultimate Halloween party.
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Another significant aspect of your party is its setup.; this includes the serving table! Keep it easy with a solid red layered table with a ripped black tablecloth over the top. You can add miniature pumpkins, accessorize with skulls, and small bowls of candy corn to add a fun touch to the atmosphere.

Mandarin Orange Pumpkins 

Cute snack ideas for the ultimate Halloween party.
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Balance out your treats with some refreshing fruit! Draw Jack- O- Lantern faces on clementines or mandarin oranges for a cute snack. If the kids are eating a little too much candy, start them on these sweet treats.

Eyeball Cake Pops

Cute snack ideas for the Ultimate Halloween Party.

For another bite-sized treat, try these cake pops! You can even have guests add their own colored eye to the white cake pop base at the party! Lay out wooden skewers, plastic wrap, and ribbon so each person can decorate them and bring some home.


Cherry Eyeball Punch

Throw the ultimate Halloween party with these awesome drink ideas.
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For a super simple drink, serve up this cherry eyeball punch! Pour it into a pumpkin punch bowl to add some color to your table and more pumpkin punch bowls filled with apple cider and other fall-themed beverages. Check out our blog on creative Halloween cocktails for more ideas. 

Drink ideas for the ultimate Halloween party

Poison Cocktails

Throw the ultimate Halloween party with these tips for decor and food.
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For something suitable for the adults, this Poison Cocktail contains gin, vermouth, and a couple of drops of green food coloring. If you want to make a virgin version of this drink, just add sprite and a little food dye together for a drink that anyone can enjoy. Make a variety of colored poisons by adding purple, blue, and red to the beverage base. You can even have your guests add their preferred color and "pick their poison"!

Bloody Shirley Temple

Delicious drink ideas for the ultimate Halloween party
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Another classic drink with a twist is this Shirley Temple with grenadine served in syringes. Squirt some grenadine in the bottom of the glass cup or jar and fill up the rest in a plastic syringe to serve. Kids and adults alike will love this one!


Food, drink, and decor for the Ultimate Halloween Party
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To keep guests excited from the very beginning, send out creative invitations! Again, these don't need to cost a lot, and you can even design them on the computer with free sites like Evite. For those of you who want to use your creative skills, try DIY invitations like these cute coffin ones, or print out Ouija boards with an RSVP copy for guests to circle "yes" or "no" for attending.

Ouija themed Halloween Party ideas.


While everything you need to decorate for a Halloween party has been covered in this blog, we've come up with a few additional ideas to put your party over the top!

Making an Entrance 

A spooky entrance-way will welcome guests to your Halloween party.
Divine Dinner Party

Hang up some temporary creepy curtains before the entrance of the main room you're hosting. Put some pumpkins, crows, and skulls on a "welcome" table to spook your guests from the get-go. Add skeleton hands as curtain ties and put a coat hanger next to the table for everyone to set their belongings.

Don't Forget the Details

Spooky surprises for guests at your Halloween party

Big or little, details count! Add a humorous touch to the bathroom by painting "Watch your back" in a washable marker or crayon on the lid of your (clean!) toilet seat.

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Let us know in your comments below!

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