How to Wear Black Lipstick & Look Like A Total Badass

How to Wear Black Lipstick & Look Like A Total Badass

Ready to take your look to the next level? Black lipstick is the perfect way to add a bold, edgy vibe to your style - and it's surprisingly easy to pull off! In this guide, we'll show you how to wear black lipstick like a total badass. From choosing the right shade to pairing it with other makeup and fashion pieces, you'll be ready to rock the look in no time. So let's dive in!

Forget about a signature red lip - Black lipstick is all the rage today. They can effortlessly transform even the most basic outfit into an edgy and daring look. But that extra bite can be difficult to pull off, and nothing’s worse than seeing dry flaky lips or a cool black smile that’s worn away. By following a few key tips, you can make your black lipstick last all day long, proving to yourself and everyone around you just how much of a badass that you are.


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Before you even think about applying black lipstick—or any lipstick, for that matter—onto your lips, you must prep your pout. Dark lipsticks will amplify any dry imperfections you may have on your lips, so you need to exfoliate. For mildly flaky lips, gently rub an old, dry toothbrush against your lips to take off any dead skin. If your lips require a more severe exfoliation to clear away parched skin cells, either purchase a lip scrub from a beauty shop or a drug store or create your own lip scrub using lip balm and raw sugar.

After exfoliating, it’s time to moisturize. Matte lip products tend to dry skin out faster than other glossier beauty items, so you’ll need to combat this head-on. Apply a moisturizing balm and blot off any excess product from your lips with a tissue. Wait at least five minutes before you begin applying your lipstick. You can also invest in some lip sheets that can provide a rush of hydration to chapped lips. If you plan on rocking black lipstick often, be sure to keep up with your lips’ moisturizing on a regular basis. It’s always easier to maintain healthy, hydrated lips than to scramble last second for a quick-healing solution.


Lip-liner is essential to looking great in black lipstick.


With your lips are properly prepped for lipstick application, you have just one more detail to take care Of lip liner. If you opt for a matte lipstick finish, you don’t necessarily need a lip liner, but it can help you achieve perfect application precision. Satin lipsticks and other glosses, on the other hand, will require a lip liner to prevent the color from bleeding onto your skin, resulting in a messy, unkempt look. If you can find a black lip liner, snag it, but they’re not too common. Plus, if you don’t plan on wearing black lipstick often, black lip liners can be kind of a waste. Instead of attempting some makeshift black lip liner out of your eyeliner (which is a complete hygienic no-no, by the way), search the beauty stores for a clear lip liner. It will keep your black lipstick in place, and you’ll be ready-to-go when you want to try a new lip color or a different beauty look.

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Time to break out the lipstick! If you’re a wannabe beauty guru, you already know that, in most cases, you get what you pay for. More expensive lipsticks tend to provide a longer lasting finish, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to transform into a Goth queen. Just don’t scour any Halloween aisles for a costume product thinking that’ll be the answer to your dark lip prayers. Additionally, black isn’t a one-and-done kind of color. There are a variety of different shades available on the market so don’t settle for one you don’t totally love. There are also different glosses and finishes that can completely switch up your makeup routine.


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With your favorite new black lipstick in hand, prepare for your beauty metamorphosis. Press your lips together to see your lips’ natural outline. Then start applying your lipstick from the middle and continue outwards. After you apply your first coat, blot your lips with a tissue. Then apply another coat of your black lipstick and gently blot your lips again for long-lasting lip color. Afterward, dust your lips with some translucent setting powder, and you’re ready to go. If, after application, you decide you don’t feel completely pleased with the finished result, make a mental note and change up your application method for your next attempt. Instead of first applying black lipstick to your lip, try a different colored base color like wine red or burgundy. Then blot your lips as usual and apply a new layer of black lipstick. For greater precision, paint your lips with a lip brush.

However you apply your new black lip color, always be sure to bring your lipstick with you wherever you go. Throw it in your purse, backpack, or makeup bag and brace yourself for touch-ups throughout the day. While it looks amazing, black lipstick requires regular maintenance to stay looking sleek and in-place.



Want a badass makeup routine? Start with black lipstick!


For optimal contrast, pair your black lips with a soft, dewy face. Super dark eye makeup and contour may be too heavy a look, especially if this is your first time wearing black lipstick. Opt for neutral face makeup, applying only a full-coverage foundation or some light mineral makeup and a tiny bit of blush.

For eye makeup, a dusting of eye shadow and a coating of black mascara is more than enough. This more natural look will allow your lips to take center stage. And after all that work you did to wear your trendy black lipstick, you’ll want to let your edgy lip color stand out on its own without any competition from the rest of your beauty look. But, of course, if you’re into the effects of wearing darker makeup, by all means, go for it. Style your makeup anyway that you’d like to show off your own individual personality. Black lipstick may be on-trend, but it’s still a tool to help you show off your uniqueness.


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When you’ve locked down a hot beauty look that you’re proud of, show it off by styling your hair. Braids, buns, waves…every hairstyle looks great with black lipstick, but if you truly want to show off your new lip color, pull your hair back and bare your beautiful face to the world. Ready to add another strong feature to your daily look? Try the oil slick hair trend. It’ll add a fun dose of color without being too over-the-top. Want to look more old school instead? Create the perfect pin-up hair to satisfy your inner retro goddess while perfectly complementing your darker lips. Attempt a sexy 1940s-style wave or the hairstyle of vintage style icons, victory rolls. The combination of a vintage hairstyle with the modern look of black lips could completely make over your everyday look and potentially leave you with a brand new signature style that’s sure to have all your friends green with envy. Just remember: have fun and play around with your new look. Style is all about experimentation.

How to wear black lipstick - Tip - Ombre with other shades!

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Don’t forget to add a little something extra to your wardrobe as well. Try embracing some edgier pieces. Raid your closet or go on a mini-shopping spree for interesting pieces that you may have never thought to wear before. It’ll up your edginess factor tremendously. Look for black, vintage-inspired handbags with metal detailing or, a trendier option, a black zip-up bomber jacket. And don’t sweat dropping a little money on a new piece of clothing or outfit accessory.

Remember that you just tried black lipstick and looked damn good doing it; you deserve to treat yourself. Find pieces that’ll make you feel comfortable and sexy and send your confidence levels soaring through the roof! 


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If you find yourself insecure about your new black lips, don’t worry; you’re not alone in feeling that way. Black lips require a tremendous amount of self-confidence because let’s be honest, it can be quite a jarring change. Instead of giving up hope on achieving fashion’s latest and greatest trend, be persistent and stay determined.

Try working your way to black lips by first getting used to other dark lip colors. If you’ve never worn a dark shade on your lips before, start with a red lipstick or lip stain and then progress to a deeper mahogany color. When you’ve mastered those shades, try something more out of the box like purple or blue—both of which are equally trendy lip colors this year.

How to rock black lipstick



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When you’re ready, give your black lipstick another go. Wear it around the house first to get used to seeing yourself with a look so vastly different than your natural state. And don’t second-guess yourself either. You do look good. Black lips universally look amazing on every skin color, so be proud of how your makeup looks. And don’t forget to go out on the town. Black lipstick’s such a waste to wear only indoors. Share your badass beauty look with the world. Believe us; they need to see it.

Are you ready to look like a total badass? Jump in on the latest black lipstick trend; you won’t regret it. Do you have any other tips for getting black lipstick to last throughout the day? Or maybe your have a style idea that’d look great paired with a dark lip? We’d love to hear your suggestions.

Leave a comment below and share your experience rocking a dark black lip.

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