In Case Of Apocalypse: Grab These Necessities

In Case Of Apocalypse: Grab These Necessities

Whether it’s a zombie invasion, climate-caused apocalypse, or just your standard, population cleansing virus; if you’re a survivor, you’re going to have to gather supplies to carry on. Assuming you haven’t already begun to stockpile years worth of supplies, you are going to find yourself in the position of heading out into the world to gather what you need.

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What are some of the things you’ll want to get your hands on once the dust has settled? Well, some of the more important things to stock up on when you make your supply runs during the apocalypse are:

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1. Glow Sticks or long-lasting lanterns:

A reliable light-source is important during the evening hours or if you’re exploring a dark building. Glow sticks may not be re-usable, but they will last for a long while and can be carried anywhere.

2. A large bag or durable backpack:

Having a comfortable satchel or bakpack can mean the difference of being able to carry that much-needed water-bottle while keeping your hands free or not. Large bags are easy to carry and are a great way to keep your supplies on-hand in case you aren’t able to maintain a camp.

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3. A compass and a local map:

Keeping your bearings is important during an apocalypse. The topography will change a bit during this time, but, you’ll have an idea of where you are until any major changes take place.

4.Guns and ammunition:

Whether this is for hordes of the undead, hunting, or for protecting yourself against those who would take what you have; guns and ammunition are extremely important essentials that you’ll need to include on your list. If firearms make you nervous; consider a bow and arrows. A good bow is also a great alternative to wasting your precious ammunition. They make a great hunting resource to help keep you and your camp fed.

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5. Folding shovel:

It will dual as a weapon and a useful tool for digging latrines or for planting seeds.

6. Seeds:

Once you establish a home-base, it’s important to ensure you have food, having seeds on-hand for that day is a great way to give yourself a start after the apocalypse.

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7. Drinking Water:

Drinking water is essential to survival. Make sure you have a filter or a pot to boil any water after you’ve finished off your pre-purified water. Sports bottles, canteens, and hip flasks will help you stay hydrated on the go.

8. Knives:

Machetes, pocket knives, and multitool knives will give you the ability to cut, stab, and claw your way through almost any task. They are essential survival tools.

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9. Fire Starter:

If you’re not keen on starting fires, a fire starter is important. This is more than your average lighter that has minimal uses. Get both!

10. Gas Mask:

If you find yourself in a chemical wasteland; a gas mask will be a must!

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11. Solar Radio and lights:

Solar-powered products are a great and long-lasting means of traditional technology, even if power has been lost. You’ll want to keep your ears open for any other survivors.

12. A vehicle and gas:

Chances are, there will be plenty to spare around the world. If you’re facing an apocalypse, a vehicle can help you travel greater distances with less energy being spent by you.

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13. Hygiene products:

Try to find waterless cleansers such as waterless shampoo and disinfectants. You’ll also want to keep any feminine hygiene products on hand if you’re a woman. Tampon cases allow you to carry a handful at a time so that you remain prepared. The last thing you’ll want to deal with during the apocalypse is Aunt Flow; especially without the right equipment to handle it.

14. A Credit Card:

Yes, while the world’s economics has crumbled, credit cards are still useful tools that can jimmy locks if you are in need of shelter during an apocalypse.

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15. Entertainment:

The apocalypse will get boring at times; pick up a good book, or two, or ten! Even a deck of cards to play with during your down-time.

16. A sleeping bag or blankets:

Who says roughing it in the apocalypse can’t be comfortable? You’ll need shut-eye eventually. Adding few decorative throw pillows to your sleeping space can also help you feel at home in your new world.

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Do you think you would be useful on a supply run? What would you add to the list? Leave your feedback below!

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