Incorporating The Safety-Pin Movement In Your Wardrobe

Incorporating The Safety-Pin Movement In Your Wardrobe

Punks have been rocking safety-pins since the subculture began, but due to recent political events there has been a rise in the safety-pin accessory. The new "safety-pin movement" is one dedicated to providing people, especially minorities, with comfort and safety from those who hate anything different. An article in The Guardian commented on the safety pin movement in the wake of the UKs recent vote to leave the EU, and summed it up perfectly, as;

"A symbol in the fight against racism in the wake of the Brexit vote"

Anyone in any subculture will understand the feeling of being disliked for being different, and will easily be able to bring safety-pins into their everyday style. But can you wear a safety-pin with purpose, and without just popping it on your shirt?

Of course you can! There are many different items you can accessorize and ways to wear safety-pins that are far from basic.

1. T-Shirts

A T-Shirt is an easy everyday item to wear a safety-pin on. Simply put a safety-pin on the chest area of the shirt, or rip the sleeves or down the back of the shirt and hold it back together with some safety-pins. This is a great way to not only include safety-pins in your outfit, but bring a new look to an old shirt.

A woman wears a ripped black t-shirt, held together with silver safety pins as part of a punk style

Image Source: lifeofababybat

2. Jackets

Jackets are key during the colder months, and a safety-pin can give even the plainest jacket an edgy vibe. Put a bunch of safety pins down the sleeves of your jacket for an intensely punk style, or even a couple on the collar. If you don't want to be so attention-grabbing with your safety-pins, go for a more subtle look and try putting one on a button or simply on the zipper.

A safety-pin fashion black leather jacket, with pins on the shoulders

Image Source: pretty wings

3. Jeans

You could also try putting safety-pins on your jeans if you don't want to poke a hole in your shirt or jacket. Line the outer side of your jeans along the hem with as many (or as little) safety-pins as you like. If you're going for a casual, glam punk look - you could add safety-pin detailing to a pair of tight, tailored trousers or black skinny jeans too.

A picture of black skinny jeans decorated with lots of silver safety-pins

Image Source: The Huffington Post India


If jeans aren't your thing you can put safety-pins along the hem of your skirt. Make sure that you don't put the safety-pins on the back of the skirt though, because they can come undone when you sit down. If you want something less uniform, try putting the safety-pins randomly along the front of the skirt, or interlinking them with chains.


A close-up picture of a punk style black mini-skirt decorated with safety-pins and chains

Image Source: AsianCajuns

5. Sneakers

You can even put safety-pins on your fabric or canvas sneakers. Put the pins on the outside of the sneakers for a low-key grunge look, or mix it up a little by hanging pins from the laces themselves.

A close-up image of safety-pins being used to decorate a pair of shoes

Image Source: pinterest.com

6. Hats & Headwear

A unique place to put a safety-pin is on the front of a beanie or hat, which can bring an interesting aspect to any regular old item of headwear. You could even add a couple of safety pins to a pair of earmuffs, a headband or any other type of hair accessory

A man wearing a camouflage cap covered in silver safety-pins

Image Source: TokyoFashion

7. Gloves

If you're going to be outside and you need to wrap up warm, put a safety-pin or two on your gloves. This can be done with leather, cotton or any other type of fabric gloves, and is a great way to achieve a subtle punk-rock look, without being too overtly outrageous with your style. 

A picture of black lace goves, with the fingers covered in silver safety-pins

Image Source: WordPress

8. Jewelry & Accessories

A great way to accessorize with safety pins is by wearing them as earrings; whether they are store-bought or homemade. If you're trying to look more formal and a little understated, simply make a necklace by putting a safety-pin on a small chain. This is a great way to DIY and make a custom piece of jewelry with a purpose behind it.

A picture of a woman wearing gold colored safety-pin earrings

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Custom Saftey Pins

You can even customize your safety-pins too - with beads, charms, paint, or yarn. Simply put the beads or charms on the safety-pin, or you could even paint it with nailpolish. This will bring attention to the safety-pin while keeping it fashionable and personal.

A bracelet made from silver safety-pins, decorated with small green beads

Image Source: pinterest.com

No matter how you wear your safety-pin, know that when you wear this piece you are making a promise to others to intervene in times of injustice. Safety-pins are no longer just a fashion statement, but an oath that you are willing to help other people. If you think you can and want to do this, rock your safety-pin with pride. 

Do you have another great tip for adding safety pins to your outfits?

We'd love to hear it - so please share it with us in the comments section below.


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