Inspired By Fear: Halloween Costume Ideas From Horror Cinema

Inspired By Fear: Halloween Costume Ideas From Horror Cinema

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume this year? Look no further than horror cinema! From classic monsters to modern slashers, you'll find plenty of inspiration for your own costume. Here are some of our favorite Halloween costume ideas from horror films.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, it's always easiest if you have a little inspiration to help you really solidify your look. There are lots of sources out there, but we keep coming back to one thing: scary movies. It seems like just about every horror movie icon has had a costume made in their honor (and some have even had 'sexy' versions made of very un-sexy characters!). We love that, but they seem like exactly that- costumes. Let us help you find the inspiration for the best Halloween costume ever by turning to the most iconic figures in fright.

Buy clothing inspired by Morticia Addams, Wednesday Addams, and Gomez Addams

The Addams Family

The official first family of the macabre, Halloween is every day in the Addams household. It's easy to go solo for this one, but it also suits families, groups, or couples well too. If you're into dark, glamorous, and sexy, Morticia is the right choice for you. Look for long flowing gothic gowns, mermaid skirts, and tops with bell sleeves to get the fitting silhouette. 

If you want to achieve her look, get a suitable waist training corset to create those killer curves, too. Are you e more of the creepy-cute goth type? Wednesday is perfect! Find a short black dress with an old-fashioned white-collar and put your hair into braided pigtails. Be sure to exude a sinister vibe and maybe spice things up by carrying a menacing knife-shaped purse. 

Remember, psychopaths, look just like everyone else! For the sophisticated, passionate gent, channel your inner Gomez with some sophisticated pinstriped clothes and slick back your hair. Then brush up on some deep, romantic, over-the-top pickup lines and compliments, and you're all set.

Buy clothing inspired by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Ah, Elvira. Inspired by the original scream queen, Vampira, she made her debut to the nation hosting late-night B movies and peppering in her sarcastic humor and plenty of skin to keep the ridiculous films from being boring. The ploy worked, and today she is one of the most identifiable characters out there. She even hosts her show at Knotts Scary Farm every year! 

If you want to dress like her, though, you have to be daring- there's a lot of cleavage going on here. Most important is a black dress with a plunging neckline- the lower, the better! If you can find one with a long skirt, slit to the hip, so much the better. To finish off the look, buy fishnet stockings and black patent stilettos. Then tease your hair as big as it can get, put on your face, and grab your best snarky comments before you hit the town. 

Whether you are channeling your inner witchy outfits or horror movie costumes, I have faith you will pull off this look. Check out this awesome Elvira makeup tutorial from our friend QUEENKINGSFX to get the authentic look of the Mistress of the Dark.

Shop for clothing inspired by The Craft, Nancy played by Fairuza Balk

Nancy from 'The Craft'

Everyone remembers Fairuza Balk as the witch Nancy from 'The Craft,' but we always loved her style. Even though she went to a Catholic academy, she rocked the Rebel look by adding the right touches to her outfits. To get her style, you'll need a foundation of a white button-down shirt and a plaid schoolgirl skirt

To make it Nancy's, add on a leather biker jacket, some gothic cross earrings, a spiked choker, a few rosaries, and some seriously heavy black eyeliner. Grab a clip-on nosering, your best dark red lipstick, and some black ankle boots, and your look is set. Don't forget- we are the weirdos!

Buy clothes inspired by Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.

Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice

A perfect look for couples or those going solo, 'Beetlejuice' shows off all of director Tim Burton's quirky signature styles. For Beetlejuice himself, look for big black and white striped clothing, preferably a jacket and pants. If you're blonde, get hair as crazy as you can, making sure it points out in every direction- extreme bedhead is the right look. A little moss-green eyeshadow around the hairline and some dark ring under the eyes, and you are ready to be the ghost with the most.

Lydia Deetz, iconically played by Winona Ryder, is your quintessential old-school goth. You'll want to buy a black dress or top, preferably one that is very flowy. Layer it with another black flowy top. Now channel your inner artist and get your skin nice and pale, give yourself some undereye circles, add spiky bangs and an old camera, and you're ready for any Halloween party. Be strange and unusual, and you'll do just fine.

What is your favorite horror style icon? Tell us below!

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