Zombie Themed Fashion And Accessories On RebelsMarket

Zombie Themed Fashion And Accessories On RebelsMarket

Ready for a zombie apocalypse? Or at least want to look ready? With the human obsession over death and the macabre, it's no surprise zombies have become so culturally pervasive. The history of zombies can be found deep in western culture with the roots in Haitian and African superstition.

Zombie-inspired items can be surprisingly colorful for the living dead, adding that extra bit of funk to bring you back to life. Get in touch with your inner zombie with these great Zombie inspired items found at RebelsMarket.


1. Tops


zombie shirts for men and women


Who said zombies arent cool? These Zombie inspired shirts beg to differ. They are the ultimate Zombie loving statement you can ever make for girls and guys! Adorned with Zombies, these horror t-shirts are uber cool, bringing your outfit to life, pun intended.:) 


2. Dresses


zombie dresses


How can something be so sexy and yet so deadly? Quirky messages and prints decorate these casual goth dresses. The ran the gambit from colorful and fun, to dark and bloody. 


3. Hoodies 


zombie hoodies


Just because the weather is getting cooler doesnt mean you cant stay faithful to the zombies. These sweatshirts for horror fans will keep you warm, brain or none. 


4. Necklaces


zombie necklaces


I just love these necklaces inspired by the undead! They come in the ideal zombie colours of green, and black. You won’t be able to get your hands off these cute decapitations. Or rather, you won’t be able to get them off your neck. 


5. Rings


zombie rings


There’s nothing that says classy like an iris ring to keep watch over for you. This is a great mesh of classic tradition mashed with contemporary pop-culture, all on a finger no less.


6. Bags


zombie bags


With all the brains they eat, they will need a bag to keep them. A backpack is perfect to hide all your gorey secrets.


7. Headwear



Ever wanted a brain on your brain? Well, these fun horror inspired trucker caps are your way to live your dream! Zombie headwear is great whether you’re going out on Halloween or trying to liven up an otherwise dull outfit. 

If you are anything like me and love zombies, then check our monster collection on RebelsMarket here


What are your current zombie obsessions? Comment below. 


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