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It's So Easy And Other Lies - The Must See Story Of Duff McKagan's Life

Teri Bildstein Published On: 03-06-2016
It's So Easy And Other Lies - The Must See Story Of Duff McKagan's Life

It's So Easy and Other Lies tells the story of Duff McKagan's rise to fame, fall from the top, and return to reality. Part graphic cartoons, part musical poetry slam, and part interviews from people close to Duff; the format sounds like a jumbled, messy way to present a man's life. However, the mismatch of styles perfectly portray the chaotic storm of ups and downs that Duff has experienced throughout the years. Like a tapestry, all of the broken threads pull together to create a masterpiece.


It's So Easy tells the life story of Duff Mckagan


Just Some Young Punk

The sound and aesthetic of punk rock still appeal to today's youth, but Duff was there for the beginning of the scene in Seattle, Wash. You will hear tales of his early bands, escapades in juvenile delinquency, and what it meant to be Punk in the 70s; before the music was embraced by the nation.

The Road Less Traveled

At some point, every teen dreams of hitting the road and not looking back. Duff actually did it. Learn how the arrival of heroin in the Pacific Northwest and other events spurred him to flee Seattle for new adventures in Los Angeles.

Welcome To The Jungle

Slash and Steven Adler were looking to start a band with a new sound. Duff, the vagabond punk from Seattle, answered the ad. They had no way to know that their first meeting in a coffee shop would lead to one of the most influencial bands in modern rock and roll. Slash and Duff tell stories from the road, explain their reckless descension into addiction, and outline the end of the original Guns N' Roses

Pick Yourself Up and Try Again

Rock bottom looks very different from one addict to another.  For Duff, a medical crisis put him face to face with death and the need to put down the bottle forever. Friends and family describe their fears during his decline and the incredible journey Duff took to get himself clean and sober. 

Music is Life

Being a part of a world renowned band is the stuff every young musician dreams of. For Duff, it wasn't enough. Between finding sobriety, a college degree, and learning about life as a family man; he still found himself returning to the stage. Solo projects, Velvet Revolver, Loaded... the heart and soul of Duff has always centered on creativity and music is his constant outlet. And with this year's epic reunion of GNR, it is clear fans are still by his side.

It's So Easy And Other Lies is a Must See

Unlike many Rockumentaries, Duff's story strays from the standard collection of nonstop tales of music and hedomism. Like his autobiography with the same title, this movie describes a man searching to find himself and what is important; despite the decadent distractions that face, and ultimately kill, many of our favorite rock and roll legends. It is entertaining, sympathetic, and completely honest. Find out where you can see the movie here and catch the trailer now-


If you want more of Duff's story, you should definitely pick up both of his books, It's So Easy: and other lies and How To Be A Man: (and other illusions). It's So Easy has more stories from his life and tempuous relationships and How To Be A Man is a fun compliation of life hacks he has learned through the years. Slash also has a self titled autobiography that fans will find fascinating. 


Are you a fan of Duff McKagan? Do you plan to see his film? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section of this below!



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