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Living As An Alternative Model

Published On: 11-12-2014
Living As An Alternative Model

I first stumbled across Jossie Ayame while carding through alternative Facebook pages—I was immediately struck by her look: vibrant blue locks, and eyeliner winged to a perfect point. It turns out my instinct was correct, and Jossie turned out to be a true rebel; not only in her bold fashion choices, but in her strong ambition to make it in the world of alternative modeling. If you want to know more about Jossie and her hectic ( but rewarding ) lifestyle, continue on reading to the interview below.

What is life like in the world of alternative fashion?

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your interests, hobbies, passions?


I'm a 21-year-old fashion student in South Africa. I think I have the coolest job in the world - I'm a DJ for an online radio station where I have the freedom to say and play whatever I choose. I'm also a freelance alternative model. I love going to goth clubs, listening to music, DIY, traveling and spending time with my animals. I love to express myself through my style and hair colours.


How did you get into the alternative fashion scene?


I've always loved dark and spooky things, but growing up, I wasn't allowed to wear anything black. I started slowly but surely bringing black into my wardrobe after meeting some people who I aspired to be like and following their advice to just do it. Normal fashion has always been boring and ugly to me.


What is it like being an alternative model, or just a model in general? I’ve heard the job can be stressful for both the mind and body.


I love it but there are many challenges involved. Whenever I change my look in any way, there are always the critics but I choose to ignore them. This also means that as a model with an alternative look, I struggle to find work in South Africa because the alternative scene here is so small and there are hardy any paid alt modeling jobs


How would you describe your personal style, and how has it evolved over the years?


My current style varies from traditional goth to romantic goth. I love lace, spikes, chokers and bone jewellery. My general everyday look is very witchy and I live by the "every day is Halloween" philosophy. My style changed quite drastically while growing up but hasn't changed much since I finished high school apart from becoming more experimental as I gained confidence.


If you had to describe your aesthetic in three words what would they be?


Hmmm, that's a tough one but I'd say - creepy, cute and witchy.

An alternative model demonstrating romantic goth fashion.

It looks like you’ve sported a bunch of different hair colors; do you have a favorite look?


I love changing my hair color every now and then, but the color I currently have (dark blue) is definitely my favourite! I kind of miss the half pink, half purple but I think the blue will be around for a while before I change it again. I also love my v-fringe! I wanted one for about 2 years but never had the guts. As soon as I finished dyeing my hair blue the first time I decided now was the time to finally get it. I definitely think the blue hair with the v-fringe works for me.


Quick, pick the three most essential items in your closet.


Anything with lace, a pair of platform boots and some stockings (whether they are ripped, patterned or plain black).


If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?


I have a certain outfit I definitely wear way too much already - my long Morticia Addams style dress, black stockings and mid-calf height platform boots, topped off with my bird skull necklace, snake spine choker and matching snake spine earrings.


I heard you host a radio show called Darklings Dystopia on The Grind Radio, what’s that like? And of course, as a follow up, who are your favorite musical artists?


I love it! I love discovering new music so I challenge myself to play at least one new artist a week. It's very different to the rest of The Grind's shows, but I have my own unique following on there. If you'd like to listen, you can stream directly from their website ( I mostly play Goth rock, darkwave, industrial, EBM, etc. My show is every Thursday 1-3pm (GMT+2).

It's difficult for me to choose my favourite artists because I listen to a wide variety of musical genres and I'm constantly discovering awesome new music. I think my current favourites are Nosferatu (Goth rock), Draconian Incubus (Goth rock), Assemblage 23 (Industrial), Diary of Dreams (Darkwave), Korpiklaani (Folk metal) and Finntroll (Folk metal).

Jossie Ayame is an alternative fashion model.

What is a day in your life like (spare us no details)?


My life is always very chaotic and busy. I work on an extremely tight schedule which is usually fully booked at least a week in advance. On a typical day, I will get woken up by my cat at 5/6am, go for a jog and shower. Then I spend about an hour getting dressed and doing makeup and hair for the day. If I have class then I will attend. If not, I usually have a shoot or a few appointments to go to, usually with only 20 minutes in between. Then if I am seeing my boyfriend that day I will fetch him from work at 5:30pm. If I'm not seeing him, I will be working at my part-time job as a waitress from 5pm until around 1am. I like always having something to do.    


Where do you see yourself in the future?


I'm hoping that I can move overseas as soon as I finish studying to work as a fashion buyer for a large retailer and to further my modeling career. I'm not picky on where, but I'd love to go to Germany, Norway or Sweden. I'm hoping that I can become a more successful alternative model there because it's not as conservative there.


Do you have any advice for upcoming alternative models?


I think the most important thing when trying to get into modeling is to shoot with decent photographers. There are so many models who shoot with photographers that don't really know what they're doing and that makes you look bad. Only shoot with the best. Even if you have to pay a few photographers to get a portfolio together.


What are some of your favorite items found here on Rebelsmarket? And how would you style them?


I love the Wednesday Addams feel to this. I wouldn't wear any jewelry with this because the dress is perfect on its own, but I'd pair it with some stockings (maybe pin striped) and some cute platform boots or mary janes.


Modern day Wednesday Addams


I love bone jewelry so I'd wear these earrings almost every day! You can wear something like this with anything, but I'd probably pair them with a different bone necklace or choker and a black lace dress.

Bone Jewelry is a favorite accessory

I often use hair accessories to spice up avery plain-looking outfit and these are so cute! I'd probably wear my hair down with these on each side. These can also be worn with almost anything - the options are endless.

Hair accessories for goth girls.



What do you think of Jossie's style? Leave your feedback in the comments below and you can follow her on the following social media accounts-

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