Lovely Lolita Looks For Wedding Season

Lovely Lolita Looks For Wedding Season

As the days of summer appear on the horizon brides across the country find themselves elbow-deep in their wedding plans. Between choosing themes, deciding on a menu, and booking their venue the average bride will stay busy for months, and that isn't even taking into account their dress!

Luckily, for brides who consider themselves Lolita style fashionistas there is no better place to embrace your love of ruffles and petticoats than on your wedding dress, making your wedding day the perfect time to include all of your favorite aspects of Lolita fashion.

Wedding guests can use the opportunity to embrace their inner Lolita as well, taking advantage of the dressy occasion to bust out their fanciest attire. Whether you are the blushing bride or a distant relative with a plus one, with a little bit of careful planning anyone can rock the Lolita look at the biggest event of the summer.

The Wedding Gown

DIana's Lolita Style Wedding Gown

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A wedding dress can never be too extravagant, so if you have ever wanted to add more lace, more bows, more ruffles, or more ribbons to an outfit to give it even more of a Lolita feel now is the time to do it.

You could opt for darker colors for a more gothic Lolita aesthetic, or keep things traditional. Whether your gown is floor length or knee length, white, pink, or champagne, you should have a dress that makes you feel like a princess. After all, even Princess Diana's wedding gown, arguably the most famous wedding gown of all time, embraces several aspects of Lolita fashion, so don't hold back on the ruffles and lace!

Lovely Lolita Looks For Wedding Season


You can even add little bits of Lolita flair to your accessories, topping your veil with a tiny top hat or adding bits of lace or bows to your bouquet. You can also add accessories just for the photographs so you can have the perfect pictures without carrying a parasol down the aisle.

Photographers love to give you props for your photo shoot, so just let them know what you are looking for and whether you are looking for a simple pair of lace gloves or a full set of angel wings they will be happy to accommodate your needs.

What to Wear for Wedding Guests

Lovely Lolita Looks For Wedding Season: What to Wear

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Wedding guests often have a fine line to walk when it comes to their attire. Is it an indoor or an outdoor wedding? Is it taking place in the Summer, or are you opting for a winter wedding?  Will you be in group photos?

There are many questions you may need to ask yourself when you are choosing what to wear to someone else's wedding, but they all boil down to one simple concept - do not, for any reason, upstage or distract from the bride and groom. 

This can be tricky for guests who want to wear Lolita fashions, which stand out by their very nature. If you are concerned that the clothes you love might cause a problem at your friend's wedding there are a few rules you can follow to prevent your outfit from becoming an issue.

Wedding Guest Attire - Dos

Lovely Lolita Looks For Wedding Season: Wedding Guest Outfits

Do wear a mid-length dress if possible. While it isn't a given that the bride will be in a floor length dress (especially if she is rocking the Lolita look since those have a tendency to be shorter in length) you should always try to be dressed less formally than the bride, which means avoiding a floor length gown on someone else's special day. 

Do wear something with some color in it. The odds are good the bride will be wearing white or, if not, a very light pastel color of some kind. Unless you know ahead of time that the bride will be donning a bright red gown you should err on the side of caution and wear something with a bit of color. Whether you are wearing a navy-blue sailor suit or an electric purple dress doesn't matter much as long as you don't visually upstage the happy couple.

Do consider your accessories carefully. Not only can large, ostentatious accessories draw attention away from the bride on her special day, but it is hard to dance while holding a parasol or carrying a large bag. If you know the evening will involve dancing or other physical activities you will want to be cautious about choosing the right shoes, clothes, and accessories so you can truly enjoy the celebration.

Wedding Guest Attire - Don'ts

Lovely Lolita Looks For Wedding Season: Don't Upstage The Bride


Don't wear white. Even if nobody in the wedding party is wearing a white outfit you will still want to avoid it. With white being the traditional color of weddings, you don't want to risk any confusion about who should be the center of attention. Because of their tendency towards lace and petticoats this rule is especially true with Lolita dresses.

Don't wear a floor length gown. If you wear a long dress you'll want to keep it simple, above the ankle, and dark in color.

Don't wear excessively attention-grabbing attire, no matter how cute. Kawaii, Decora, Goth, and other styles are awesome in pretty much any other scenario, but unless it has been specifically requested by the bride and groom you will want to keep your look toned down for the celebration. You don't have to forgo your favorite fashions, but always remember that the bride and groom should be the point of focus on their special day.

What is your favorite Lolita wedding ensemble?

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